How To Remove Fake Tan Safely

Over the years I have had my fair share of fake tan mistakes. The kind of mistakes where the only thing you can do is take it all off and start again. Ah, if only it were that easy. As any fake tan fan will attest to, the stuff is pretty hard to get off. A friend recently told me that she once used bleach to remove tan on her hands that had gone terribly wrong. Yes, the same bleach that you clean a bathroom with! No matter the situation ladies please don’t ever put anything harsh on your skin, it is just not worth the damage.

I have learnt by a process of trial and error the tricks which help get tan off the best and safest. These tips are helpful if you do completely mess up your tan but also to get rid of any stubborn left over tan before you apply a fresh layer.

How to Remove Fake Tan

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Natural Confirmation/Communion Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. It is my youngest brother’s confirmation on Saturday and I’ve been spending today playing around with how I’ll wear my make up. I love planning my make up before special events like this. That way I am not stressing on the morning of the event (too much).

Natural Confirmation Communion Makeup Life of Lala Belfast Beauty Blog

I’m at my family home for the weekend and only brought my everyday make up bag home from Belfast, so I was a very bad sister and used some of my sisters foundation and eye shadows without actually asking before. In my defence, she is at work and probably would have said yes had I of asked (at least I hope that’s the case). The foundation I have my own bottle of so knew it was a winner but the eye shadow palette I do not have one of my own so it was fun trying this out for the first time.

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REVIEW: Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer

SAM_2453 (2)

The skin on my face has always been dry. It’s got a little better now that Winter has passed but I am still not the best with every day moisturising (which my skin needs). As a result my foundation clumps to the dry patches on my face and well that’s never a good look.

I came across this hydrating primer from Laura Mercier in late January. It’s a lightweight, gel consistency that absorbs in to the skin quickly (perfect for the lazy girl in me). It also contains Vitamins A, C and E which gives the primer anti ageing properties; it’s never to early to start protecting your skin lovelies. Laura Mercier believes that creating a flawless face is the best way to get a great make-up look and this primer embodies that philosophy.

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How to Deal with the April Showers in Belfast | Story Horse

Story Horse

We recently had a conversation at work about how in Ireland we haven’t really adapted to the weather. You know how in extremely cold countries the people who live there have adapted to their conditions; the shops sell really warm, waterproof clothes, specialised footwear and so on. In Ireland, we know rain is always a possibility yet when it arrives we always find ourselves complaining about it’s presence, the fact our ballet flats are soaked and we are often seen fighting to keep a flimsy umbrella from turning inside out.

Perhaps, it’s different in Ireland because of the constantly changing weather. In one day we could have a morning of summer sunshine, then an afternoon of snow and then to finish it off an evening of some very strong winds. I think another reason is that we really don’t have much choice when it comes to practical but pretty pieces. It’s hard to dress appropriately when we don’t have much choice.

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My Top 3 Lunch Spots in Belfast City Centre

Anyone who knows me knows food is always on my mind! While I wouldn’t say I am the next Masterchef or anything like that, I do love finding new restaurants and eating out (and just eating in general). However, Belfast has always overwhelmed me with the amount of places to eat out in. Since I started working in the City Centre, I have had the chance to try out lots of different places and tried some superb (and a few not so good) restaurants. Focusing on the good, I thought we could chat through three of my favourites and you guys can let me know what your top spots are…

Deane’s Deli
I get excited just thinking about this place. It’s the inspiration behind this post. If your from Northern Ireland you may already have heard of Michael Deane; he’s one of Ireland’s top chefs and has 6 restaurants in the City. Deane’s Deli specialises in light bites which are perfect for lunch time. The restaurant itself is very relaxed yet the waiting staff are very attentive and eager to help. When I visited I had the chicken and bacon sandwich priced at £9.50. I was really hungry that day and wanted something with bread but I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth a sandwich could cost £10! As soon as I tucked in to it I quickly realised I’d be willing to pay even more than that. It was the most delicious lunch I have ever had in my entire life. I know that’s a pretty big statement to make but it’s true! The chicken and bacon were cooked to absolute perfection and the bread that it came with was amazing! It also came out perfectly presented (although it was only about 30 seconds until I changed that). Deane’s Deli is top of the list for me and I’d highly recommend you give it a visit at least once.
Check out the Deane’s Deli Lunch Menu here.

Deanes Deli Bistro, Places for lunch in Belfast

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Beauty Hacks: 10 Alternative Uses for your Favourite Products

Aloha lovelies,

How are you all? I thought I’d share some of my favourite beauty hacks with you today. Not just your typical beauty hacks though. My hacks are for those moments when you’ve ran out of a product or forgotten it. You know that moment when you’re doing your make up and then realise you’ve forgotten your liquid eye liner, or when you’re painting your nails only to realise that you’ve no nail polish remover left? I’ve got some hacks to tell you about that will make these moments a thing of the past…

Life of Lala: Beauty Hacks

The Problem: You want to use the one eye shadow brush for both a dark and light eye shadow.
The Hack: Use Micellar water to spot clean your brushes. I am a huge fan of Micellar water, my favourite is the l’Oreal one. It removes make up so easily both on your face and on your brushes.

The Problem: You’ve messed up your nail but have no nail polish remover to get rid of the mess.
The Hack: Use clear nail polish instead of nail polish remover. Simply paint a layer of the clear polish over the polish you want to remove and while it is still wait wipe the polish off. This will remove both the clear polish and the colour underneath.

The Problem: You forgot to pack your liquid liner and the eye look you were going for just won’t do without a little cat flick.

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The £5 Alternative to the GlamGlow Mask

The GlamGlow masks have taken the beauty world by storm recently and almost all of the beauty bloggers I follow have raved about them. I have thought about trying one of the masks for the past few months but I’ve never been able to commit to the idea of spending almost £50 on a face mask. I came close to buying the Youth Mud last month with a voucher I had got at Christmas time, but even then the frugal side of me showed itself  when I began to wonder if a cheaper alternative was available. Surely there were other charcoal masks out there that did a good job too…

I popped round to Boots and had a little wander around the skincare section, when this Quick Fix Purifying Charcoal Mask caught my eye from the bottom shelf, priced at only £5 and the last one on the shelf, it was fate. I grabbed it before anyone else had a chance to nab it and made my way to the checkout.

Quick Fix Charcoal Mask- GlamGlow Alternative

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