Ingredients for a Natural Smokey Eye| W7 Makeup


Is there anything more fun than trying out new makeup? Recently, I tried out some bits from W7 Makeup, a brand I had heard a little about but never got to try before. They have some great pieces at really affordable prices and quite a few dupes of higher end products .

Let’s start with the Golden Brown, Eyeshadow Palette, a selection of four shades. This was my favourite of each of the products I tried.


The eye shadows gave a good pay off but did have a little bit of fall out, so it was necessary to give under my eyes a sweep with a clean powder brush. I really liked the range of colours and felt they were a perfect on-the-go palette. The palest shade is great for highlighting the corner of the eye and also under the brow bone. They have a little bit of a shimmer to them meaning they are particularly useful when creating an evening look. I used the foam applicator for putting the shadow on to my eye and then blended with my NYX blending brush.

I liked this palette and think it is great as a starter palette or even for on the go. It is also a complete bargain at £5.95.

SAMSUNG CSC Swatches with flash.

SAMSUNG CSCSwatches without flash.

Admittedly, I am a little fearful of highlighters like this W7 Night Glow. I used the teeniest bit on my cheek bones for a very slight hint of glow. It wore well and was subtle. Although, I wasn’t won over by this and don’t think I’ll be rushing to use any liquid highlighters just yet. If you are into highlighters like this it costs £4.95. If you have any tips for a highlighter novice like me please do leave them in the comments below.


Lastly, I tried out the Absolute Lashes Mascara. The packaging and applicator instantly reminded me of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. I did notice my lashes were longer, fuller and really well separated. I didn’t get the same extreme results as the Benefit version but the W7 one is a third of the price (£6.95) of Benefit’s. I really liked the look I got with this mascara but was disappointed with the way it came off; kind of crumbled and irritated my eyes a little.


I decided to create a natural smokey eye suitable for a daytime look which you can check out below.

Overall, I liked these products and will be using them again. Have you tried any of these W7 products? What are your views? Have you any recommendations on what pieces to try next? And don’t forget to leave your liquid highlighting tips below!

W7 stcokists include…


Lala xx

*These products were sent by Aqua PR for review.

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What I Wore: Trying out the Trainer Trend with New Balance 574


Trainers are everywhere at the moment. It’s a trend I have admired for a long time after seeing some street style photos from London Fashion Week last year, but didn’t give it a go myself until recently.

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Barcelona: The Beginning of the 2015 Travels


I am back; back from Barcelona and back to blogging.

My other half treated me to a trip to Barcelona for Christmas. It’s becoming quite the tradition of trips as presents. Last year we went to London, the year before was Malta (where I planned out this blog) and the year before that was Stockholm.

It’s a great way to escape and recuperate after the festive season and to satisfy my wanderlust (seriously, it’s a real condition).
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My Highlights of 2014 and a Great Big Thank You


I hope you all had a great Christmas season and aren’t too hungover today…

I never really get to fully enjoy this time of year. I always have exams pretty soon into the new year. This year is my final year so this year has been very quiet. It also means that blogging lacks around this time too (my apologies, but I’d rather take time out rather than write something I don’t enjoy writing or you won’t enjoy reading.)

However I did want to take some time out of learning about how a trust can fail to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for reading my blog and getting involved in my social media pages over the past year. I’ve really noticed an increase in the past few months and hope 2015 will be the year it all takes off.

For that reason, I am going to be making some changes to my blog in the new year. For the better I hope. I want to start writing some makeup tutorials and to include way more outfits on here. I also want to document my travels better and my love for food too. I am also going to aim to blog more regularly, at least 4 times a week. Thoughts below please?

If you have anything you’d like to read more about or any suggestions I would love for you to post it below or email me.

I thought I’d take a chance to run through some of my favourite moments of 2014. It was a pretty good year for me and I am excited to see what 2015 will bring both in the world of blogging and in my personal life.

In January, I got to go to London for the first time ever!!! I actually thought I might be let down just because the hype is so big but I loved it!!!! It was everything I wanted it to be.
London: Now I See What The Fuss is AboutLondon SightseeingLondon Theatre Trip

20140127-213505.jpg 20140127-213021.jpg 20140127-213323.jpg

IN! Mag awards
I won tickets to go to the biggest awards in Belfast and I was so excited! The awards were a great chance to get to know some of my favourite Belfast bloggers and to meet some popular faces.
The Winners, IN!Sider Report, What I Wore

10177294_846525692030470_5780873839082082423_n 10171102_846525365363836_101388151248898619_n 1001957_846525578697148_2913313977013900349_n

The Wright Venue
I finally got to go to the biggest nightclub in Ireland this year. We went to The Wright Venue in March for my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday! It was a fabulous night filled with cocktails and Craic.
What I Wore: Party Time at The Wright Venue


San Francisco
I spent the Summer in one of the most amazing cities in the world working in the San Francisco Zoo. I fell so deeply in love with the place and I can’t wait to get back one day.
Giant’s Game, I’ve Arrived, 13 Irish Things I Missed


SAMSUNG CSC photo 4 photo 3

I went on my first hen party and visited Spain for the first time in September. I honestly could have not asked to go on holiday with a better group of girls and who knew white wine sangria was so good!


10628270_550276828439576_1611690185877971864_n 10676300_949257771757261_1404365473866395062_n

Final Year
I started the final year of my Law with Criminology degree this year (eeek). It’s been incredibly stressful, especially now with exams and deadlines looming in a few days… But I hope it will be worth it when I finally graduate!

Ant and Dec
I got to sit front row at a show for the first time this year. To top it all off it was to see Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Tour! It was the perfect way to spend my birthday!


McQuaid Wedding
I went to a really lovely wedding back in October where the Bridal Party treated us to a little dance. I loved the dress I wore which I actually only got the day before from the Snooty Fox Sale.

10606281_955942081088830_5281695957396232854_n 10659374_955942021088836_8142228606950318468_n 10660165_955941964422175_6897008826519631064_n

Ed Sheeran
I treated the other half to tickets to see Ed for his birthday. We both love him and it’s usually the album of choice when we’re driving together!

Six years
My boyfriend and I celebrated our sixth anniversary this year! Yes, six years!!!! I have no idea how it’s got this far so quickly but I’m thankful for every minute I have with him! #cuteoverload

Surprise Party
My friend from Uni who lives quite a bit away celebrated her 21st Birthday and had no idea we would be coming to her party. Her mum arranged it all with us to come up as a surprise. She’s usually very chatty but she was speechless when we jumped out.


As I said Christmas was a particularly quiet affair this year, but it was wonderful. I got some amazing gifts and got to take a few days off from studying to spend with awesome people.

Martin Wedding
I finished the year off with the most stunning wedding I have ever been to! My boyfriend’s sister got married down in Ballymagarvey Village. The venue and the whole day for that matter was like a fairy tale. Honestly, it took me a few days to come back down to reality. Luckily for the happy couple they were able to jet off on honeymoon but for me it was back to the books!

10868091_1008395279176843_5984849578346435650_n 10885482_1009653249051046_5287529626947087630_n 10896906_1008394692510235_4047791247577244512_n


It’s been a great year and 2015  seems set to be filled with adventure. I’ll be back blogging after the 12th January, until then here’s the five posts you guys liked the most this year. I’ll be updating my Instagram lots in the meantime so be sure to follow me @LifeofLalaBlog

My Five Most Read Posts this Year:
Lazy Girl Guide: 4 of the Easiest Hair Styles to Try Today
What it’s Really Like to Enter a Rose of Tralee Selection
6 Beauty Mistakes you’re Probably Making
The IN! Magazine Awards: The Winners!!
13 Things I Can’t Wait to do When I’m Back in Ireland

Don’t forget to let me know what you want to see in 2015!

Happy 2015 folks; make it the best one yet!!!

Lala xx

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Lazy Girl Guide: 12 Everyday Outfit Ideas with Minimal Effort

It’s early in the morning, you’ve got uni in an hour, it’s cold and you’re wrapped up in bed and you just don’t want to get up.

We’ve all been there. Hitting the snooze button one too many times, leaving ourselves very little time to get ready and then panicking on what to wear.

Oh it’s tough being a Lazy Girl. Never fear, there are some items you can add to your wardrobe to create the perfect interchange-able, stylish , I-didn’t-even-make-any-effort outfits (scroll down to see what they are).

For now, here are some outfits to inspire you how to put them all together.

The key is to put together a few basic items and include a standout item. This could be some fancy shoes, a pretty bag or just a big oversized scarf.


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6 Beauty Mistakes you’re Probably Making


1. Don’t apply your foundation when your moisturiser is not fully absorbed.
Although most of us probably already know this rule, we often neglect the importance of it. Apply moisturiser before anything else and use the time to do your hair, get dressed, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, anything other than applying your foundation.

2. Don’t wear your ponytail in the same position every time.
I know, I know you’ve found the perfect height for your pony, but the hair experts have noted that this is bad for your hair. Wearing it in the same position every time means your hair at that area will weaken. So switch it up between a high pony, medium pony and low pony. Continue reading

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What it’s Really Like to Enter a Rose of Tralee Selection

The search for the 2015 Rose of Tralee, is well under way. If you are outside of Ireland; the Rose of Tralee is a festival which celebrates Irish heritage. There are centres in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Austrailia and New Zealand. A representative is chosen from each centre, who then gather in Tralee, Couty Kerry during the summer for a festival. One overall representative is then chosen to represent both her home centre and the island of Ireland on a global scale.


Last year (2013), I decided to enter my local centres selection. I am no stranger to these kind of competitions, but the Rose of Tralee is the most prestigious one I have entered and the nerves were high. However, it was also the most enjoyable competition I have entered.

I thought I would give you a little recount of how I found the whole process and an insiders scoop, just in case any one was thinking of entering.

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