Hello August: I’m Not a Baby Anymore

As we begin the month of August, I am becoming more and more excited I have so much lined up; my sister’s 18th birthday party, Avicci at Tennents Vital, a wedding at the beautiful Lough Erne Resort in Fermanagh, a trip to the states to visit NYC and Viva Las Vegas, oh and my 21st birthday is in three weeks!


So you would think it would be reasonable to assume I would be able to avoid the ‘challenge 21’ that’s in operation in most shops. Nope! It seems I am getting asked for ID more and more. Just this morning I bought a packet of cigarettes (not for me but for my mum) and the shop assistant promptly asked for my ID, being well used to it I had it conveniently in my purse.

Then things got a little embarrassing, she typed in my date of birth and informed me I was a month too young to purchase them! The computerised system was set up to figure out if a person was over 21 (18 is the legal age to be able to buy cigarettes). Having to explain that I was in fact 20 going on 21 and not 17 going on 18, she was genuinely shocked that I was not under 18. It isn’t the first time I’ve had this reaction, I once got refused the sale of a scratch card! Surely times are bad when I can’t even pass for being over 16? Just a few months ago while at the doctors a nurse asked me if school had finished yet. ‘Ermm I don’t go to school; I’ve just finished first year of uni’, I replied. Again she was bewildered that I looked so young. I guess my ID card will just have to be my nest friend for a few more years yet.

My 18th birthday cake; showing off a little baby faced Lala

Anyhow, I’m sure Ill be thankful by the time of my next milestone birthday that I look 25 instead of 30. Hopefully, I’ll still be asked for ID. It’s interesting, we spend the first part of our lives trying to look older and more mature and the second part trying to look more youthful. Us women really struggle to make up our mind sometimes.

Do you have a similar problem? Do you continue to get asked for ID even though you’re well over 18? Or are you a sales assistant who struggles to tell a person’s age? Ever had some one get really annoyed you contested their age? Let me know by dropping a comment.

Oh and a final note cigarettes are bad for you. Don’t smoke! I’ve been trying to convince my mum to quit for years.

Lala xx

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