An Unexpected Blog Awards Ireland Nomination

You know those times in life were you feel like an absolute air head, no? Just me? Well this week I have had quite a few moments were all I could think was #Facepalm.


There I was just having a little nosey at the Blog Awards Ireland long list of nominations, initially looking for a few new blogs to read when I noticed a familiar title. It was me!!! My ‘In the Jungle…‘ post made it to the nominations for best blog post, I couldn’t believe it! I instantly thought that it was someone else but with the same title and same blog name #Facepalm. To make matters even worse the nominations list was published over two weeks ago! I did have a wee read at them but completely missed my nomination #Facepalm.

Online voting for the Best Blog Post Award 2013 is open to the public and works in a weekly elimination style. Each week, the five blogs with the least votes are removed until it is cut down to only 10. From this point the judges will assess each post and announce a winner at a grand dinner event in October.

I’d really love it if you could take a few moments to vote for me by clicking here. Simply scroll down to Life of Lala, tick the box and click vote. It’s that easy. You can only vote once a week, so set a wee reminder.


I just want to thank everyone who visits my blog, reads it and also helps contribute to it. Without you’re support, I’d just be here rambling to myself so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Wait, there’s more. You didn’t think that was all of my air head moments? When I began writing this post I decided to double check that maybe, just maybe I had made the nominations for another category… Using the nifty little ‘ctrl+f’ shortcut, I searched the web page for ‘Life of Lala’, two results!!! I made it to the long list of nominations for Best Newcomer Blog and Best Youth Blog. How did I miss these, #Facepalm? I guess I never expected to make it even to the long list and only entered on a ‘what’s the worst that could happen’ motto.

Thanks to the Blog Awards Ireland and all the sponsors for creating such a great event. There are so many amazing blogs out there and they deserve to be recognised.

Remember to vote for me here. You can vote once a week.

Lala xx

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