The Liebster Blog Award: 11 Blogs to Check Out

I love when blogs take on the Liebster Award/Challenge; it gives me more blogs to read! Thanks so much to Emma from Kooky Miss Match for nominating me and also providing me with some amazing new blogs.


I’m not quite sure how long the Liebstar Award has been circulating but I’m thrilled to take on the challenge. Here’s what I have to do;
*Answer 11 questions that Emma has set.
*Nominate 11 other blogs, these must have under 200 Bloglovin’ followers.
*Set 11 new questions for my nominees to answer.

Here’s my answers to Emma’s questions…

1. What is the story behind your blog name?
Lala is the name my family call me. They tell me it’s the name I called myself when I first started talking. From then it’s always stuck, so much so they printed ‘Happy 18th Birthday Lala’ on my 18th birthday cake. The ‘Life of’ part is pretty straight forward; I wanted this blog to be about all the things I love in life and want other people to know about… and so Life of Lala was born.

2. What made you want to start a blog?
I have always loved reading magazines; flicking through the pictures and reading the articles, finding beauty tips and fashion inspiration. While on holiday in Malta at the beginning of the year I found myself reading a Company Magazine about blogging. It was filled with advice on how to start a blog and what blogging meant to the big names like Susie Bubble. Taking part in competitions like the Face of Ireland made me realise the importance of supporting local businesses, so I felt I could do my part through the medium of blogging. Also I wanted to be able to look back in years to come to see how my fashion style and life has changed.

3. What are your blogging goals?
I want to help out as many local businesses as I can. My post about the Jungle NI has been nominated for best blog post in the Blog Awards Ireland. I also want to be finally able to define what my sense of style is and how it changes from time to time.

4. How do you come up with what to write in your posts?
l take inspiration from my day to day life. I always make notes in my phone to remind me about things I want to write about. When thinking about writing a post I ask myself is this something I’d want to know about in ten years time. Usually, I use blogs for inspiration on what to wear to special events so I quite like writing about what I wear, in the hope to inspire others.

5. Apart from what your blog is based on, do you have any other passions?
For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about Law. I’ve just completed my first year of my Law with Criminology degree and I’ve loved every moment of it. To other people it might sound super boring but the law affects every single person’s daily life and shapes how they behave. I’ve always been intrigued to find out my rights whether they be employment rights or basic human rights.

6. What do you feel most proud of in your life?
I’d say getting my place at Uni. I had quite a tough time getting through my A levels in 2011 and ended up not getting in to my course. I panicked and went to live in Manchester to study Law. I’m quite proud to say I made the decision to put my happiness above anything else. I realised that staying somewhere were you truly weren’t happy wasn’t healthy and so I returned to beautiful Northern Ireland where I repeated a few exams and finally got my place at UUJ in 2012. I’ve even become the secretary for the UUJ Law Society 2013/2014.

7. What is your dream job (or if you already have it, what do you do)?
My dream job would be to become a human rights lawyer. Unfortunately I haven’t got there quite yet but I’m enjoying my retail job at the moment.

8. What do you think is the best advice in life?
Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today. Whether it be calling a friend you haven’t seen in a while or even starting your own blog; you never know what’s around the corner.

9. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Can I go everywhere? I want to see as many countries as I possibly can in my lifetime. I’d quite like to spend a summer or even a year travelling around the USA.

10. What is your favourite shop off the high street (any hidden quirky shops that need to be known)?
I went shopping at the weekend expecting to buy quite a few bits for going back to Uni. I bought three things all from New Look. I love how affordable their pieces are. I don’t religiously shop here though and often buy pieces from River Island, Topshop and Miss Selfridge. New Look is always my go to shop for casual clothing.

11. Last but not least, a little question to put you at ease, what is your favourite pass time to relax?
Living in a family of six children I quite like taking the opportunity (if I get it), to sit in quiet and read my favourite magazines. If that doesn’t work I’ll not turn down a cocktail and some dancing.

And the nominees are…

Belfast Beauty Love
Sara writes about all kinds of beauty products. Like her, I have to start work ridiculously early and can’t thank her enough for inspiring me to try more BB creams as a quicker make up routine.

Bob’s Beautiful Blog
Robyn won me over when she wrote about Nivea’s in shower mousturiser. I never enjoy the whole process of moisturising but want to keep my skin healthy, so this was a great alternative

Charnelle Geraldine
I love Charnelle’s outfit posts! She puts together some great little pieces.

Niamh Kelly
Visit Niamh’s blog simply to find out about an amazing little Heatons dress (yes, I said Heatons).

One Year of Fashion Fasting
What a task, a year without shopping?! I know I couldn’t do it. Laurina has helped me cut down though and dig out a few things I’d forgot I had.

Thanks to Alice I’ve found new ways to wear my Zara skort.

The Beauty Cloud
A number of writers from all over the fashion industry in NI put together some great reads and style tips. Ladies, if you want to take on the challenge one or even all of you can answer my questions or even split them up?

That Belfast Girl
Gemma Louise writes about all things great to do in our capital city, Belfast. There’s also a few other things in the mix like the £3.99 foundation she loves.

The Secret Obsession
I love this blog! Aoibhe has just welcomed three new writers to her fashion focused blog. If you decide to take on the challenge feel free to split the questions up between you all.

The Yellowest Diamonds
One of my inspirations to start my own blog. After doing an interview with Danielle a little while ago I realised how useful blogging can be to local businesses and how many great ones there are.

Wild Child Stories
Ciara wears some great pieces on her blog and inspires me to be more wild in my fashion sense.

Finally 11 questions for my Nominees…

1. Why did you create your blog?
2. What’s been your biggest blogging challenges? What did you do to overcome them?
3. How do you find things to write about?
4. Who or what is your biggest fashion inspiration?
5. Where do you hope to be in five years?
6. What’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
7. What one piece of clothing could you not do without?
8. What beauty treatments do you have done regularly?
9. Where would you like to be this Saturday night?
10. If you didn’t blog, what would you do in the time you usually spend blogging?
11. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Looking forward to reading your answers…

Lala xx

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