My Very First Blogging Event…

On Thursday 10th October, myself and my boyfriend popped down to Dublin for the RSVP and Oasis style blogger reception. (When I say ‘popped’, I really mean drove two and half hours, got lost, had a few arguments about directions and ended up late). It was well worth it though. I had an absolutely brilliant time meeting everyone. Having read this brilliant ‘Guide to Attending a Blog Event‘, I felt a little bit more prepared.

RSVP And Oasis invited myself and a plus one down to celebrate being one of their 30 finalists. Finalists for what? Well, you may have read my ‘I ❤ Heart Print‘ post; it was my entry into the competition. The competition searched for Irish bloggers to give their take on this season’s trends.

The evening began with a red carpet entrance into the Oasis Store just off St. Stephen’s Green. We were met by the beautiful Jane Haynes from RSVP and some fabulous goody bags. Canapés and Corona Light were served through the night and the mingling began. It was a bit strange just walking up to people and introducing myself but that’s what I was there for. I met some really lovely bloggers who I can’t wait to see again.


Being my first blogging event I was naturally nervous. My blogs still relatively new and I wasn’t sure that I’d any right to be in the company of some huge bloggers. This soon disappeared when I sensed how down to earth everyone was. I realised everyone had to start from the beginning and it was so nice to hear some reassuring advice from everyone and to be inspired by some wise words that were shared. I’ve come to learn over the past few months how amazing it is to be part of a blogging community; largely everyone is supportive of each other and it’s great to socialise with people who have similar interests as yourself (even if it’s just online.)

20131020-225954.jpgCongratulations to the winners of the night; Justified by Jemo and The Sequin Cinderella. Thanks to all involved in the organising, the judges, the sponsors of the goody bags and everyone who took time to vote for me. I can’t wait for my next blogging event.

Lala xx

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