My 7 Favourite Bloggers of 2013

So as 2013 draws to a close I thought I’d share with you my seven favourite bloggers of 2013. I started Life of Lala in April 2013 and have drawn inspiration, encouragement and motivation from many different sources. These are the blogs I visit regularly and get excited about when I see they’ve posted something new.

So in no particular order:


1. Retro Flame
I absolutely adore Erika’s style sense and hair. She always makes a trend her own. Her posts are mostly about fashion but there’s also a few other things thrown in. One of my bookmarked posts by her are her favourite photo editing apps; I found some really helpful ones.

2. So Sue Me
What a year for Suzanne Jackson; a top selling book, her own make up brush sets, announcing her lash range and continuing to be Ireland’s biggest blogger. One of my inspirations for starting this blog.

3. The Secret Obsession
Aoibhe welcomed three new writers to her TSO team this year. Her blog has gone from strength to strength. You can expect regular posts about fashion and beauty. I particularly loved following Aoibhe’s Look internship. Oh and she is launching a new website which I am so excited to see.

4. The Agoraphobic Fashionista
Sera writes about her love of fashion and I love seeing what she is wearing. Though she is not your typical blogger in that you won’t see her at many blog events or press days. She writes frankly about the impact mental illnesses has on her and the people around her. These type of posts really helped me begin to understand the illness.

5. Joanna Loves
I have a huge ‘hair-crush’ on Joanna. I love seeing what she’s wearing as well as how she’s styled her hair. My favourite post this year from her was her tutorial on the messy ponytail. She’s the only non-Irish blogger to make this list.

6. Recessionista Styling
Samantha and Megan are cousins who write about fashion, hair and beauty. They find cheaper alternatives to what the celebs are wearing and also find pieces that won’t break the banks but look almost designer.

7. Justified by Jemo
Claire has taken a break from blogging at the moment to make her blog bigger and better. Claire was the judges choice winner at the Oasis and RSVP style blogger search, where I had the pleasure to meet her. I couldn’t believe just how lovely she was and how beautiful her dress sense was. Keep an eye on her Twitter/Facebook for her re-launch.

I am so excited to see what 2014 has in store for these blogs. They can only get better! Who is your favourite blogger of 2013 either from this list or not? Here’s to an amazing year of blogging!

Lala xx

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