REVIEW: Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan

My name is Lisa Quinn and I am a tanning snob.  I have never used a tan that costs under £15. I guess it stems from a fear of cheap tans being streaky and orange.

I very kindly got sent  the Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan to review. I was apprehensive at trying it; costing only £8 it was a lot less than my usual tans. In my mind this meant a poor quality tan but after reading plenty of positive reviews I bit the bullet and tried a cheaper tan.

The gorgeous packaging of Cocoa Brown Tan

I have never used a mousse tan like Cocoa Brown before but loved the texture and how easy it was to apply. I used a tanning mitt to apply it all over. There was no strong biscuity smell either. So far so good!

The tan develops in one hour but you can leave it on for up to three hours for a deeper tan. Don’t worry though if you leave it on longer than three hours you won’t end up ridiculously dark. The tan stops developing after three hours so I slept over night with it applied and showered the next morning.

One leg immediately after applying Cocoa Brown and the other left natural. Please excuse the bruise.

I loved the colour it left on me; a very natural look. Suitable for daytime and evening. Being naturally pale I always struggle to get a balance when applying fake tan; not with Cocoa Brown though.

Even better, the tan wears off perfectly. It just kind of gets lighter, then disappears. There’s no patchiness! I’ve no idea how they did it but this tan is genius!

Wearing Cocoa Brown at Halloween.

Would I buy it myself?
Yes, I’m already looking into buying myself a gift set.

Would I recommend Cocoa Brown One hour?
Yes, yes, yes! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted/needed in a tan.

I’d give this tan a 9/10, deducting a mark for not having it more available in Northern Ireland, but I’m sure time will change that!

*This product was sent for review but please be assured my opinion is 100% honest.
If you like the sound of Cocoa Brown tan you can find out more here.

Lala xx

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