Review: Nivea’s In Shower Moisturiser

I bought the Nivea in shower moisturiser after reading lots of good reviews of it. The answer to my lazy prayers; soft skin and minimal effort.

The moisturiser works like a conditioner; you shower with your usual shower products, then put the moisturiser on and rinse off.



Now I think I may have been expecting too much from it but I didn’t find it gave me the moisture I wanted from it. I suppose realistically, it isn’t going to give me an intensive moisture experience my skin desperately needs. In saying that it’s much better than not moisturising at all. (Which is usually what I do). It’s only £3 or so, I guess I may as well use the rest of the bottle and give my skin some sort of relief.

It’s great for a quick and handy lazy option but it’s not going to replace the need for your usual moisturising routine. I did notice there’s another one for dry skin. I’m going to try it out in the hope it’ll be more moisturising.

I’d rate this a 3 out of 5. Have you tried it before? What are your thoughts on this moisturiser? Any reccommendations on moisturisers?

Lala xx

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