Trending: Suit Up

If it’s good enough for Barney Stinson, Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevigne then it’s good enough for me. Ladies, it’s time to suit up….


rs_634x1024-140216110129-634.Brad-Pitt-Angelina-Jolie-BAFTA-Awards.jl.021614 suit up

Yes, suits are proving popular among our favourite female celebrities. Why? Well because they are empowering, sexy and legen…. (wait for it) dary.

Not to mention ‘matchy, matchy’ two pieces are totally on trend for SS14. Here’s three of my favourites from ASOS, because you can always rely on their quality.


ASOS £95


ASOS £70


ASOS £85

Admittedly, these are all quite expensive outfits, but think of the endless styling choices. You don’t have to always wear the pieces together. Team the bottoms with a nice blouse or throw the blazer over a pretty little dress.

Or channel this look by having a good old rummage through your wardrobe. I’m sure you’ll find a black blazer, black trousers and white blouse. Simply add an un-done bow tie and your good to go, a la Angelina.

Will you be suiting up? What do you think of this trend? Any luck finding pieces you already have to create the look?

Lala xx

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4 thoughts on “Trending: Suit Up

    1. Hi Catherine, me too! I love your site especially the design and layout of it. Did yous do it yourselves? I was so shocked to read it only became legal for women in Korea to wear trousers in 2012! How can a government decide what we should and should not wear; it’s crazy. Kate Moss totally rocks the lady tux xx

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