A Shopping-Free February and a March Wishlist

1 month/28 days/672 hours/40,320 minutes/ 2,419,200 seconds/0 shopping.

Ahhhhhhh it’s almost over!!! Done, finished, finito!

I challenged myself to stop clothes shopping for the month of February and damn it’s been hard! Things just seem to get prettier and prettier when they are off limits. I did break it once for a new blazer but I’m not letting myself wear it until February is over.


For fun, I thought I’d share with you some of the pieces I can’t wait to buy. You can click on the picture to buy.

I love the cut of this dress and it’s on sale too…

ASOS £22

Yellow shoes are my new obsession. I am hoping these aren’t too neon though…

Missguided £25
Missguided £25

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again; trousers are awesome!
Not to mention this colour is totally on trend…

River Island £35
River Island £35

We live in Ireland, it’s almost always cold enough to wear a coat and I adore this colour too. Oh and the price is amazing…

Sheinside £24

I don’t own any pencil skirts, so I want to venture into something new.
This lace one is gorgeous too…

Miss Selfridge £30
Miss Selfridge £30

This dress will probably just stay in the ‘saved items’ list; I have nowhere to wear it.
I think it would be beautiful as bridesmaids dresses though…

ASOS £45

If you seen my last post you’ll know I’m loving the suit trend at the moment…

image1xl (1)
ASOS £74

Comfy and pretty; it’s a win win with these leggings…

image1xl (2)
ASOS £18

Trousers, need I explain any more…

image1xl (3)
ASOS £18

Another dress that will probably just stay in the ‘saved items’ list…

image1xl (5)
ASOS £250

The detail of this dress is fab and the leather jacket would be great to toughen it up…

image1xl (6)
ASOS £55
image1xl (7)
ASOS £60

It’s a Snoopy jumper…

image1xl (8)
ASOS £30

A suit for us shorties…

image1xl (9)
ASOS £94

I’ve mentioned before my love for kimonos…

ASOS £40

Summer is creeping in and I need a nice bikini…

image4xl (1)
ASOS £40

A comfy t-shirt; self explanatory…

ASOS £14
ASOS £14

I have a winter wedding this year and I think this would be perfect with a fur coat…

ASOS £95
ASOS £95

I adore the colour and fit of this dress; it’s stunning.
*Image from the Spoilt Belle Facebook Page.

Spoilt Belle Boutique £97
Spoilt Belle Boutique £97

My bank account is definitely not going to cover this lot but sure a girl can dream.


Any pieces that have caught your eye? Have you tried a month with no shopping? How did it go for you?

Lala xx

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