Five Steps to a DIY Home Facial

I am literally the worst for taking my make up off at night! I know, I know it’s so bad but I’ve no excuse other than laziness. I ususally have good intentions but just somehow forget and jump on into bed. By the time I remember, I am so warm and comfy in bed that I just hate the thought of getting out and running a cold cleanser over my face. I instantly regret the decision when I wake up the next morning only to take it all off then. To say sorry to my face, I decided to give it a well deserved treat. I’ve never had a facial before and set about looking for a DIY one. Here’s what I did…


1. Cleanse
Firstly I cleansed my face with my Vichy Normaderm: Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel. As I was wearing makeup I cleansed my face and neck twice; the first time to remove my make and the second to actually deep cleanse my skin. I’ve been using the Vichy cleanser for about nine months now and I absolutely love it. You only need to use the smallest amount and as a result I’m actually only half way through my second bottle. It is priced at around £10 a bottle but believe me it’s well worth it!

2. Exfoliate
Next I exfoliated to remove any dead and dull skin. I used the Clean and Clear: Exfoliating Daily Wash for this step. I didn’t want to chance anything too harsh and already had this one anyway. It’s good to concentrate on particularly oily areas of your face.

3. Steam
This part really scared me, after hearing horror stories from a friend who burnt her face while trying to steam it, I decided to play it safe; simply put a warm face cloth over your face a few times to open your pores and clear your face of dirt or any other nasty bacteria.

4. Face Mask
The fun part; smear on your favourite face mask and sit back and relax, for however long your particular face mask says to do so. You could always make your own too.

5. Moisturise
So after all that, pop on some moisturiser. I used the Garnier Pure Active: Anti Imperfection Moisturiser. This one is lovely for everyday as it’s quite light. To give your skin an added treat try using a thicker moisturiser.

And that is the five steps I used for my DIY facial. Oh how my skin desperately needed it! And as a result, I have even been a lot better at taking my make up off because I can’t stand the feeling now.

Lala xx

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One thought on “Five Steps to a DIY Home Facial

  1. Urgh I’ve been the same recently with the not-taking-makeup-off-before-bed and just my whole skincare routine in general. My skin was suffering though and I could clearly see it so I decided to completely change up my routine to get me excited about it again!

    I love the idea of a DIY facial 😉

    – Iram @ Lovestruck for Louboutins

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