The Hillgove Hotel: My Favourite Place in the World

My favourite place in the world is probably the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan. I almost didn’t want to write this blog post for fear it’ll get stolen. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty a awesome place and deserves to be shouted about.

My boyfriend and I first visited the Hillgrove for Valentines Day 2012, it was the first time we got to spend valentines day together even though we’ve been together since 2008. For most of our relationship I was working as a waitress and was never able to get it off.  I guess for that reason the Hillgrove Hotel has extra meaning for me. We revisited the hotel in October for my boyfriends birthday and since I’d started my blog I thought id write a review. (Finally got around to it…)

The rooms are amazing featuring a huge four poster bed and a bay window. The most recent room we stayed in had a monochrome theme, right up my street. They’re so spacious and tastefully decorated and always spotless!


The staff we met on our last stay were brilliant. They genuinely couldn’t do enough to help us, we even got offered a later checkout time than usual. When we entered we were greeted by a very lovely lady and I just knew we were off to a good start.

There’s a restaurant and a bar which both serve food. We prefer to eat in the bar with its laid back vibe. The food is so delicious and reasonably priced. They have deals on Monday to Thursday, where you can get three courses for €22.95 per person (approximately £19). Needless to say we made the most of it and just look at our desserts…


And the piece de resistance; they have an outdoor hot tub! I can hear you all scream; ‘an outdoor hot tub in Ireland, are you mad?’ This is seriously the most amazing thing ever. Just imagine it’s absolutely freezing outside but your relaxing in this, with not a care in the world. Don’t worry the door leading to the indoor pool is just a few steps away. There’s also a Spa that we are yet to make use of. We’ve stayed in many a hotel and the Hillgrove is the only one that has had flotation equipment in the swimming pool for guest use, a small touch but I really appreciate it being a non swimmer.


The Hillgrove is a great place to escape to and it is really reasonably priced too. Have you ever stayed here before? If not, you really should. Where is your favourite place to stay? Click here to visit the Hillgrove Hotel website for more information.

Lala xx

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*This is not a sponsored post. All views are my own.


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