How I Prepare For a Spray Tan

I am no stranger to fake tan. I feel so much better when I’ve got a tan and unfortunately I don’t ever tan naturally. If I have a special occasion coming up I always get a professional spray tan at Doll Face- House of Makeup, Cookstown. It always turns out flawless! You can just never trust the self tan to be perfect everytime.

As they say preparation is key and so I thought I’d tell you all about how I prepared for my latest spray tan….

1. Removing the old tan
I had quite a bit of tan of from last weekend so to remove this I took a very long and hot bath. I rarely get a chance to take baths so this proved to be the perfect excuse for some relaxation. I let my skin soak in the bath for as long as I can. I then take a face cloth and begin to wipe away as much tan as I can. This takes off almost all of my tan, you might need to give those stubborn areas like your knees, ankles, wrists and elbows an extra going over.

2. Exfoliation is your friend
Fake tan clings to dry, flaky skin so it’s important to get rid of this. You can use those body scrub clothes, any store bought or homemade body scrub. This time I used the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. My skin always feels so soft and fresh after using this.

3. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise
If you read this post, you’ll know I struggle to keep up with a moisturising routine. So about a week before a spray tan I try and make an extra special effort. Basically the better moisturised your skin is, the better result you are going to get. I just used a Vaseline moisturiser, simply because I wanted to save my Cocoa Brown moisturiser for maintaining the tan. I’m not a huge fan of the Vaseline one as it left my skin feeling quite sticky. I love the Cocoa Brown tan, it absorbs so quickly and it is oil free so it doesn’t affect your tan.

4. Hair Removal
It’s recommended that you try to do any hair removal 48 hours before getting a tan so that your hair follicles have a chance to get back to normal and don’t end up giving you a horrible red rash when you get tanned. However, I’m really bad at this and usually shave the day of my tan. I’ll sometimes spray my legs with cold water after shaving to trick myself into thinking I’ve closed the follicles again. I’m not sure whether there’s any truth in that part but it seems to work for me.


Last night I got my spray tan in preparation for tonight’s IN! Magazine Awards. I really wanted to go to the IN! Awards for a long time. This year I even looked into buying tickets, being a student though they were a little out of my price range, so I told myself I’d give this one a miss and save for next years. Then I seen the IN! Magazine twitter page were running a giveaway and thought sure I may as well enter it’s only a re-tweet. Imagine my surprise when they tweeted me to say I’d won two tickets. I kind of just stared at it thinking they’d made a mistake. The only thing I’ve ever won before was a pair of slippers in a work raffle. Well the tickets arrived yesterday morning so I guess it must be real.  I rinsed off the excess tan this morning, all I have to do now is my hair and make up, which I’ve decided to do myself, then I’m ready to go. Follow me on twitter for live updates throughout the night.

Wish me luck.

Lala xx

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