San Francisco Travel Diary: July 2014

Hello pretty people! I am back to blogging! Yaaaayyyy. To be honest I’ve just not made time for it, but I really have missed it. This one is a little catch up on where I am now, so grab a cuppa and a biscuit; we could be here a while.

Let’s begin by rewinding way back to January when my boyfriend and I decided to book San Francisco for the summer. Fast forward almost six months later and we’re here! Living just outside the city, with friends, in a place called Berkeley. From all the San Franciscans I’ve spoke to it seems the Irish just take over Berkeley every summer, well we do like to stick together. I’ve been here a grand total of 12 days, himself 22 days.

It’s actually been really tough adjusting to a new city and I’m missing my lovely Ireland so much, yes already! The people of San Francisco are generally really lovely, although some are slightly bonkers. Luckily himself had found us somewhere to stay before I got out so that was one less thing to worry about.

The first week was occupied by job hunting. A seriously emotionally draining activity. No body wanted to hire us because we were only here temporarily. We did get there though, it just took some perseverance and a heavy helping of luck. We’re working in the San Francisco Zoo this summer, how could you be bad to that.

We did squeeze in some sightseeing amidst the filling in of countless job applications. We’ve spent quite a bit of time down at Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf. I just love the hustle and bustle of people and there’s some delicious places to grab a bite to eat and drink.


If you’re only here for a limited time make sure and try out Beer39, I don’t even like beer but they had a really delicious crisp cider. Crepe Cafe is another must visit, any guesses what they sell? Also don’t go home without trying Dreyers Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream. Oh and you have to visit the NFL store according to himself.


We also visited the Aquarium a few days later. They had the proper over head tunnel gallery. I’m not going to lie the stingrays made me jump a few times.



(Doesn’t it look like I have no teeth in the picture above. I swear I do have a full set)


The weekend past was Pride weekend, which is basically one huge street party with a few naked people floating around. It was certainly an experience. I’m just not sure how walking around naked is an expression of a person’s sexuality.


And for good measure, today we squeezed in a little shopping (I’ll save what I bought for some future posts). And after that, well we headed to Pier 39 for a dander and some ice cream, told you I love that place.

Well that didn’t take as long as I thought. I had never really had any crazy desire to visit San Francisco before but it really is a wonderful place, the people are so nice, the weather is just enough for us Irish folk to cope with and there is so much to do. Oh top tip, if you are coming out make sure you book Alcatraz in advance; there’s a month wait at present.

Have you ever visited San Fran? If so is their anything you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments or Tweet me (@LifeofLalaBlog).

Until next time,
Lala xx

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