10 Essentials for Surviving a Long Haul Flight

I actually had this post ready for before I jetted off to San Fran but never got around to posting it. This was my very first long haul flight, well actually it was split into two 7 hour flights. I travelled over on my own!  Before I left I scoured various websites and bugged everyone I know to see if there are any ways to make 20+ hours of travelling more bearable. Preparation is key or so they say; and so I compiled a list of all the things I’ll need to ensure I was vaguely able to get to my accommodation when I land. I thought it might be slightly helpful if I shared it with you lovely lot…


1. Backpack
I plan to use a backpack as my ‘personal’ bag for all the things I am going to be using whilst on the plane. Imagine having two hands free to browse the duty free, ah bliss. Thankfully, there is a huge trend of backpacks at the moment so there are plenty to choose from. (Update: I used a large shoulder bag from New Look, it was a nightmare. It hurt my shoulder and began to tear having been filled to the brim. I regretted not getting a back pack.)

2. Book/E-Reader/Tablet/Magazines
Basically some form of entertainment. Let’s face it there will be a lot of time to fill. I have downloaded the Kindle app for my Samsung Tablet and I’m currently deciding what books to download. (Update: I wish I’d downloaded some movies or a series of Orange is the New Black, I was drifting in and out of sleep and couldn’t concentrate long enough to read.)

3. Headphones
Do I even need to stress the importance of these bad boys? They’ll be ideal for drowning any screaming children out. (Update: there were no screaming children. Success! Although the headphones came in handy for blocking the sounds of the engines.)

4. Pillow
I’ve always wanted one of those neck pillows and I’ve heard Primark have some little cheap ones in at the moment and I’ve two long flights coming up. Result! (Update: the airline actually provided little pillows but I brought along the neck shaped one. I actually used neither. The chairs reclined a little so that helped rest my head.)

5. Comfy Clothes
This was the most important issue for me and I’ve literally been thinking about potential outfits for months. I was contemplating either a maxi dress or some light weight joggers and a t-shirt. The latter prevailed once I considered the difficulty of a maxi dress on this little shorty. I picked up a pair in Primark last week for £9! They are a paisley print, in a really light-weight material, so they’ll be perfect for travelling. I’m gonna team them with an over-sized cardigan which can double up as a blanket. I’m also gonna bring along one of my favourite hoodies to pull on if it gets chilly. (Update: the trousers were perfect but I was mortified to find I’d left the price sticker on when boarding the flight. You know the big massive ones Primark are notorious for using, that one! Cut me a little slack, it was a very early start. Also the airline provided blankets so I was pretty snug.)

6. Moisturiser
Apparently flying is notorious for drying out your skin. I know, news to me too. I just never made the connection. A little 100ml of moisturiser will be coming along with me, now the question is which one do I choose? (Update: I just used the one I normally use on a day to day basis. There’s no point risking something new just incase. I also was so thankful I took some Vaseline, my lips really struggled with the flight.)

7. Makeup
I thought about not wearing any makeup at all when I get off the plane but I always find when I’m wearing make up, I end up fooling myself into believing I’m less tired than I actually am. Also as I said, I’ll have plently of time to fill up. I’ll just have to take my morning make up off at the start of the flight. (Update: I braved it and went make up free. I had the intention to do my make up on the second flight, but I ended up getting sick instead.)

9. Water and Snacks
My first stop once through security will be to grab a 2L bottle of water, or even just two smaller ones. They’d be much handier to maneuver once on board. I tend to get extremely grumpy when I’m hungry, so I’ll make sure to stock up on snacks to avoid any diva outbursts. (Update: the airline fed us really well so I didn’t eat any of my snacks but the water was my saviour.)

10. Socks
There really is nothing better than a comfy, fluffy pair of socks. Anyone else agree? (Update: I took those special flight socks which help with circulation, no idea if they actually helped but I was pining for my fluffies to be honest.)

There you have it 10 things to make your long haul flight a little bit more bearable. On a side note make sure you take some emergency clothes and underwear in your carry on in case your checked bag is delayed or worse lost. Let me know if this helped at all and where your dream destination would be this summer.

Safe Travels,

Lala xx

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