I’m Never Wearing Those Shoes Again

A few Saturday nights ago, we went out for our first night of drinks in San Francisco. We went to a bar in the Mission district. Where majority of the socializing is done outside in their beer garden. It was a little strange though as they didn’t allow photographs to be taken.

When packing for my trip away I tried to keep in mind items that would mix well together. I’ve now come to realise that 80% of my current teeny tiny clothing collection is either black and/or white! I’ve literally got 5 items of clothing with me that have colour in them Yup, it’s super easy to put all the looks together this way but I am so bored of it!

I teamed my trusty Zara skort and a black Primark blouse together with my LOVE necklace (a special 21st birthday present.) The necklace luckily gave me the pop of colour I’ve been longing for.

barely there sandals (1) barely there sandals (2)

Blouse: Primark
Skort: Zara
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Shoes: New Look
Bag: New Look

Oh and don’t the shoes look so pretty and stylish? Don’t be fooled! They are little feet crushing/ripping monsters! Well for me anyhow. This was the first time I’d properly worn barely there sandals and most likely the last. I really didn’t walk that far for it to be justified how much they destroyed my feet. Luckily though I was prepared and took along my trusty flats for the way home. Although I didn’t make it that long. As soon as we got to the bar I made straight for the ladies and changed my shoes.

I think it would kind of gross you out if I tell you all about the injuries of my feet, but I will say they are still recovering over three weeks later and I’ve went through a huge packet of plasters!!!

I do however love the New Look bag I picked up before coming out. It’s a step away from my usual black bags and is the perfect size for a night out.

Have you worn barely there sandals on a night out and regretted it? I think I need a bit more of support in my heels, long live the platform heels. What’s your thoughts?

Lala xx

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