13 Things I Can’t Wait to do When I’m Back in Ireland

Yet another ‘blah blah I’m in San Francisco post blah blah’. My apologies I did promise my family I’d keep them updated. With so many young Irish people immigrating, I thought a few of you might be able to relate to this post. It’s a list if things I can’t wait to do when I get home. Let me know what’s on your list if you are away from home.

1. Drive my car
OhMyGod I miss driving soooooo much. I have literally no need to drive here in San Fran, the public transport is that good! But still, I want to be able to hop in the car, switch on the music and have a sing a long and go wherever I want, whether that be 2 minutes down the road or 6 hours away.

2. Eat bacon
I thought Americans loved bacon; pancakes and bacon, cheese burgers and bacon, salad and bacon, bacon and bacon. Well I’m sorry America your bacon sucks! Crispy (basically burnt), tiny slithers of bacon is just not for me. Mum get a plate of proper tender Irish bacon ready for my arrival home pretty please!


3. Wear my hoodie and fluffy socks
There was one hoodie I decided against bringing with me simply because it was too bulky. Oh how I’ve longed to be able to wrap up in it, along with a pair if fluffy socks on a cold night with the rain beating off the windows.

4. Get food at Viscounts
I am so excited to get my first meal back at my favourite restaurant on my arrival home. I always get the same thing but it’s so frigging delicious. Oh gosh, my mouths watering, time to move on…

5. Cuddle my little brother
I have 5 younger siblings but no matter what household you go to the youngest is always the cutest! My youngest brother is the most adorable little guy and I’ve seriously missed him so much! I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed and to get a little cuddle off him.

6. Go shopping
I genuinely think the UK has a much better selection of high street shops. I’ve seen so many bloggers featuring the likes of Primark and New Look on their blogs and I can’t wait to go pick up some of their fabulous items at the moment.

7. Drink West Coast Cooler Rose
When I moved to Manchester for a few months back in 2011, I had no idea you couldn’t get west coast cooler outside of Ireland. I was a little lost as to what to drink. I love the rose flavour and can’t wait to get my first glass when I’m back.


8. Get my hd brows done
I’m lucky that my eyebrows are fair and don’t grow particularly fast. Otherwise I would have ended up with a mono brow this summer. I have point blank refused to let anyone else near my eyebrows, other than Louise from Doll Face in my hometown. The lady is a makeup and eyebrow Wonder Woman!

9. Get my hair cut
Yup, I have trust issues. I only ever let the Surgery, Moy cut my hair. I don’t dye my hair or anything so having a decent cut is so important to me. I know these ladies will do it well. The one time I didn’t go to them, I regretted it for months. My hair is so out grown at the moment and needs some serious TLC.


10. Have real CHIPS
I don’t want fries, I want chips! Proper sized chips covered in Salt and Vinegar. There’s no such thing as chip shop over here. I’ve literally no idea why because everyone knows chip shop chips are the bestest!

11. Sleep in a real bed
A raised bed, with a real mattress, that’s the stuff dreams are made off when you’re a J1er in the US. We’ve been through two air beds already and the second is on it’s way out. Damn you slow punctures! We’ve repaired them the best we could but still wake up on the floor most mornings.

12. Watch TV
We’ve been watching movies on Netflix and DVDs but nothing can replace the comfort of coming home after a long day and catching up with the guys in Summer Bay. I expect I’ll turn into quite the recluse for the first few weeks, while I catch up with all my favourite TV programmes.

13. Have wifi at home
Oh how wonderful it must be not having to go to the local coffee shop to be able to use your laptop, especially when you don’t even drink coffee. Being able to curl up in bed and not having to worry about hotspot limits is now a distant memory.


Seriously, people of Ireland; we’re among the luckiest in the world and not just because of the whole leprechaun/pot of gold fiasco. I am so proud to call Ireland my home and can’t wait to get back. But first let’s go see Alcatraz.

Lala xx

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3 thoughts on “13 Things I Can’t Wait to do When I’m Back in Ireland

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post – made me remember some great things we have here in Ireland. Where you talking about the Viscount in Dungannon?


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