3 Makeup Brushes You Should Never Be Without

There seems to be about ten makeup brushes for every step of your makeup routine. Now while that is both exhausting and expensive, I’ve had a think and came up with three brushes I genuinely couldn’t do my make up without, everything else I could muddle through with cotton buds (I reckon). Although, please don’t make me do that.


I thought this could act as a guide for anyone who is just getting comfortable with makeup and is starting their brush collection. Buying good quality brushes can be expensive but bear in mind if you look after them well they will last you forever.

1. Foundation Brush
A good foundation brush is absolutely essential for me. The beauty experts do say it’s good to do your foundation with your fingers as your body heat makes it sit better. But I really don’t have the patience for that. Currently I am using the Real Techniques buffing brush. I’ve been using it for well over a year now and haven’t been let down once.


 2. Eye Shadow blending brush
I remember the day I discovered my NYX beauty so vividly. It was possibly one of my happiest beauty purchases. I had been looking for an eyeshadow blending brush for so long but to no avail. I’ve had the same brush for a few years now. I actually had to tape it together at one stage, but it still does a wonderful job. Look for a small fluffy brush. I got mine in Doll Face, Cookstown. I genuinely don’t know what I was doing before I knew to blend my eyeshadows, oh it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

20140806-103823-38303928.jpgBlending is good ladies and the proper brush will make it possible.



 3. Slanted Brush
I have a couple of these but you can always use just one as long as you make sure to clean it regularly. One I use for filling in my eyebrows and the other to line my lash line with shadow when the mood takes me. I really couldn’t get by without the slanted brush for my eyebrows. Filling your eyebrows completes your makeup look, unless you’re already blessed with perfect eyebrows.


What brushes do you have in your makeup collection that you couldn’t do without? Would you add anything to this list?

Lala xx

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