Trending: Flat Shoes – Hightstreet Picks

Be still our aching feet, the fashion gods have spoken; it’s now perfectly acceptable to wear flat shoes. It’s been along time coming! For years we’ve squeezed our feet into some questionable shoes all in the pursuit of fashion.

While I was in San Francisco, I wore high heels a total of once! It’s so much more laid back there. The one time I did wear heels, I regretted it an hour later. I have no idea why it has taken this long, but finally I have accepted it’s ok to wear flats on an evening out! If it’s good enough for Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung, it’s good enough for me.




I’ve always liked how heels pull an outfit together, but I also like to be able to walk in my shoes. The high-street has an amazing selection of flat shoes at the moment. You can find some of my favourites below…

Just click on each of the images to view the sites.

Topshop £24
Topshop £20
River Island £25
New Look £20
ASOS £25
JD Sports £45
ASOS £85

So have you been tempted out of your heels? If you could only wear either heels or flats for the rest of your life, which would you pick? What’s your favourite type of flats?

Lala xx

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