Birthday Dinner Outfit Details

If you follow me on Instagram (@LifeofLalaBlog in case you were wondering) you will have noticed that my Summer of San Francisco shenanigans is well and truly over.

It is good to be home, especially when you are greeted with this wonderful sign! Lovingly created by my youngest brother.

welcome home sign

I’ve returned home to complete my final year of university! Eeeek! Well, the final year of my undergraduate degree anyway. It feels like I’ve never left, having launched back into my part time job (which has turned into a full time job at the moment) and working the last few weeks of Summer away.

It’s taken a while but the San Fran Blues have well and truly set in. I keep wanting to pop down to the most amazing Thai food place or go take a dander around Fisherman’s Wharf and I actually miss taking the BART (The SF train system).

One thing we couldn’t do was take a trip to the Hillgrove Hotel and that’s exactly what we did for my birthday, where we enjoyed a yummy steak dinner! I’ll tell you more about my birthday celebrations in another post.

But for now, let me tell you about what I wore to my birthday dinner with the other half.


San Franciscans love black coloured clothing, so it was only fitting that the jumpsuit is from San Francisco. It’s a halter neck with lace detail at the top. And my favourite feature it has pockets! It was an absolute bargain coming in at the $20 mark. As you may have noticed it’s a love of Monochrome, in my case. Hey, if it works, why try to fix it?



Never one for a serious photo…


My Eyeko (Review here) eyeliner is getting well used…

IMG_2564Blazer: H&M, Belfast
Jumpsuit: Forever 21, San Francisco
Shoes: New Look, Cookstown

I did add a slight pop of colour to the outfit with this fabulous blue bag! It is such a good size! It even fits my big camera into it, after some careful Tetris style arranging.

I promise that the next outfit post I do will have some more colour in it than the past few.

What’s your take on monochrome outfits? Is it playing too safe? Or is it the perfect combination? What colours do you like to wear?

Lala xx

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner Outfit Details

  1. Thank you for writing this post! I grew tired of the monochrome look quite quickly which surprised me as usually I stick to black. However it has pushed me to explore colors now which has made my wardrobe pop 🙂 I think black/white is nice the odd time but as a trend it can be tiresome!

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