San Francisco: Well I Guess That Makes Me a Giants Fan

I have loads and loads of photos from my time spent in San Francisco. I thought it would be nice to share some of them with you in a series of blog posts.

While I was away, I got to go to my very first sporting event ever; a baseball game. We seen the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the San Francisco Giants.

photo 1

It was everything I ever imagined it to be! I ended up being likened to the ‘annoying sports guy’ at every game. I maybe got into it a little too much…

The Giants colours are orange and black, which gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my Forever 21 playsuit.

photo 3

They had hot dogs, beer, kiss cams, all the typical stuff you see in the movies!

If you ever visit San Francisco, please please please go see a game at the Giant’s Stadium, if just for the view alone. It is absolutely breathtaking.


Games are really long. I think the shortest is usually around 3 hours. Go with a fun group of people and it won’t feel like that though, I promise.

We went to a game in the evening, which meant we got to watch it get dark and see everything light up, so pretty!

photo 2  photo 4 photo 5

We got standing tickets, which meant you could walk around the stadium. We got a spot with a really good view and the tickets were really inexpensive. I think they were around $20 (£12).

The Giants didn’t win their game that night but it was still a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get back to the states and go to another baseball game.

What baseball team do you support? Have you ever been to a baseball game?

Lala xx

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