REVIEW: Sand Cloud Beach Towel

So you may have noticed that I spent my summer in California. The state renowned for sunshine and great beaches. So when a Californian start up company got in touch about a product review I was more than happy to oblige.

Sand Cloud is a San Diego based company made up of three best friends who have noticed that lazing on the beach has actually got some drawbacks. (Yea I didn’t know there could be any either.)

Left to Right: (Steven, Bruno, Brandon)

However these guys have developed a pretty awesome beach towel to counter act the problem of sore necks at the beach. The Sand Cloud towel has a built in pillow so that you can read your book or just take in the view in comfort.

The cylinder pillow is removable making washing, storage etc easy. The towel material is quite thin and can double up as a beach cover up/sarong for the ladies. Always a good option to have.

The Sand Cloud comes in four colours; Sunset Orange, Ocean Blue, Island Green, Lavender

The enthusiasm of Sand Cloud was clearly evident even just on emails and I was excited to try their newest invention out.

My thoughts…

Initially, I was skeptical. Why did I need a fancy beach towel? How much do these things cost? How easy was it gonna be to transport?

So I’ll start with cost. I was pleased to see that it didn’t cost much more than a standard beach towel. On the website it’s listed as $30, which is roughly £18.

I was right, I didn’t need a fancy beach towel but after trying it out I don’t want to use anything else for lounging outdoors.

The material of the towel is quite thin which means it folds up quite small for transporting. As for the pillow part, it’s quite easy to squish into a bag too. I would advise putting it to the top of your bag, that way it’ll be the first thing you take out when you arrive at the beach or park.

sand cloud

I found the towel pretty comfortable, the pillow is a very welcome addition to this updated beach towel!

sand cloud beach towel review

The folks behind Sand Cloud are so passionate about beach life, that they are donating 10% of their profits to foundations that work to protect the ocean.

Now that I am home I’ve found it hard to get a chance to use my SandCloud. Irish weather is unfortunately a lot more different than the weather in California.


The team have reached an amazing goal of raising $15,000 on Kickstarter to fund their initial manufacture. You can watch their Kickstarter video here.

If you are an avid beach-goer or park lounger, I would absolutely recommend getting your hands on a Sand Cloud. I can’t wait to take mine to Spain at the end of the month!

Have you been able to try out the Sand Cloud Beach towel yet? What are your thoughts? Irish and UK readers are you as envious as I am that we don’t have all year sunshine?

Lala xx

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Photos: Sand Cloud Kickstarter site

*This item was sent for review




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