Rekindling an Old Friendship: Exhibit Clothing

In my early teenage years I was a huge fan of Exhibit Clothing. They have always had pretty pieces at a ridiculously affordable price. It was my go-to shop for an outfit for the teenage discos.

Fast forward a few years, I had got a part time job and my disposable income was a hell of a lot more than it was before. So me and Miss Selfridge, Topshop and River Island became the bestest of friends, leaving behind poor old Exhibit. I had new friends now and we grew apart.

But like all good friendships we began to get back in touch. I’d take an occasional trip by to see how she was doing admiring some nice clothing pieces.


We just needed a little nudge in the right direction to kick back to how things were before I moved on to Miss Selfridge and the likes.

That nudge came in the form of some vouchers from the lovely folk at the Exhibit Head Office.

So off I trod hoping I could rekindle that friendship, in need of a nice top that I could wear over a black bra that night (#girlproblems). I was lured in by a burnt orange top and we were off in the right direction.

I left the shop with just the top and was rather pleased, teaming the top with my new Levis.

A week or so later (I didn’t want to seem too keen, got to play it cool), I popped back to pick up some more bits.

If you are a regular reader you’ll know how much I love printed trousers so I was pleased to see a gorgeous blue patterned jogger style pair.

They’d suit the burnt orange top perfectly.

Exhibit had really stepped up her game to impress me. Gone were the days were I thought I was much too mature to be hanging around with Exhibit.

Exhibit had looked to current trends and had each one ticked off, at a great price!

The pieces I picked up were of great quality. The top is such a nice stylish fit and the trousers are just as good.


The trouser material is quite light weight, meaning they are perfect for warmer days. I’ll be taking them to Spain with me at the end of the month.

‘And sure that’s no use for Winter time’, I hear you cry. I usually wear a pair of leggings under my patterned trousers anyway, you can never really tell how the weather is going to turn out.

They really are the perfect transitional pieces.

I also picked up a dark floral patterned kimono and a cami top, which I’ll show you how I styled soon.

For now though, I am very happy to report Exhibit and I are friends again, she’s won me back and I’ll be visiting her again soon.

If you were like me and grew apart from Exhibit or have never even had a chance to start a friendship, I suggest giving her a little visit. She’s still got the same great prices but the clothing is much more on trend.

exhibit clothing

 Blazer: H&M
Top: Exhibit £13
Trousers: Exhibit £15
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Missguded

How about starting the ball rolling by heading over to Exhibit’s new ONLINE SHOPPING website.

Yes, that’s right Exhibit are online. Time to go have an online catch up with her.

Are you a fan of Exhibit? What do you think of this outfit I styled? How would you change it to suit your style?

Lala xx

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*Exhibit Clothing sent vouchers so that I could purchase clothes. All views are my own.


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