Lazy Girl Guide: 4 of the Easiest Hair Styles to Try Today

It’s been a long time coming, the second edition of my Lazy Girl Guide. Finally, here it is.

[You might also have noticed my absence over the past few months, yet again life has taken over. I’m sorry. I’ve started my final year of university and well inspiration was lacking. But, one thing I know is that I will always come back.]

One thing, I completely neglect (especially, now final year has started) is my hair. Usually, I blast dry it and just wear it what ever way it falls. My go-to styles consist of a grand total of three. We’ve got ponytail, bun and down. If I’m feeling adventurous sometimes I clip parts of my hair at the front back. I’m sure you can imagine how boring my hair routine is.

Slowly, I’ve been searching for some ideas and have become a little bit more brave when it comes to trying new styles. Heck, I’ve even learnt how to use GHDs to curl.

So here are four of my favourites that I am getting around to trying.

1. A blessing for all those with long hair… I have no idea why someone hadn’t thought of this sooner!!!


2. The bun get’s re-invented… This looks like it took way more effort than it actually did! It’s great for a day-to-day basis as well as any special events.


3. A simple little up-do. Just tie the two pony tails together and clip little bits in. Add some detail with a sparkly clip…


4. And one for my little short haired friends… Add some volume by back combing the roots before you begin. Then split your hair into three mini ponytails, twist and pin.


So now, we’ve no excuse my lazy friends. Is there any you’ll be trying soon? Have you seen any more you think I should try? Let me know in the comments.

Lala xx

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3 thoughts on “Lazy Girl Guide: 4 of the Easiest Hair Styles to Try Today

  1. Hi Lala!

    These are fun and quick tips! Imma try them out soon. Thanks for putting them here.
    I’m in university too and I work most evenings. I know at times like this our hair is the lowest priority!

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