Wedding Guest Style: Feather Skirt Dress

Wedding outfit shopping is always tough. There is always added pressure to find something no one else will be wearing. That’s why I always turn to the Snooty Fox Boutique in Dungannon, NI.

The Snooty Fox is among Northern Ireland’s leading independent fashion boutiques, so they always have unique pieces you can’t find any where else. Last month, I attended my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding and here is the outfit I decided to wear…

lisa 1

Dress: Snooty Fox, Dungannon, NI
Shoes: New Look
Earrings: Solo Shoes, Dungannon, NI

As soon as I seen the feathers, I feel in love. I also adore anything blush pink, I think it’s so feminine. Then the belt just made it perfect! Oh and did I mention it was on sale?!

I’ll not lie I did do some deliberating the night before the wedding about which dress to wear, especially as I was doing my own tan.

As well as my tan, I decided to do my hair, makeup and nails myself to save some money. My tan turned out really well. I used the NKD SKN mousse form Vita Liberata, you can read my review here.

I am so glad I got to wear this dress and I really want another excuse to wear it.

And a close up of my makeup….


Do you find it difficult choosing an outfit for a wedding? Any hidden gems you turn to for unique outfits?

Lala xx

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