24 Things to do Before Christmas

I am so excited that it’s finally December! I love Christmas!

Although working in hospitality and retail for the past 7 years means I’m prone to turn into a Grinch by the middle of December.

This year I am making an extra special effort to do my best to stay jolly throughout December.

I’ve made a Christmas bucket-list of some things that would be nice to do before the big day and to keep me on track with my anti-Grinch mission.

I hope you can get some ideas for your own Christmas bucket-list.

1. Put up your Christmas Tree
2. Try out some festive baking
3. Buy a new scarf
4. Meet up with an old friend
5. Explore a new town or place in your country
6. Go to a Christmas Market
7. Have some Hot Chocolate and a good long chat with a friend
8. Have a Christmas movie marathon with your best friends
9. Plan your Christmas party outfits
10. Visit your favourite relatives
11. Write some Christmas cards with a special message in each
12. Have a pamper evening with a bath, face masks and candles

13. Wrap your gifts, making them instagram worthy
14. Try a new activity; photography, running, knitting, anything you like.
15. Go see a pantomime or a play at your local theatre
16. Start a DIY project; homemade candles, body scrubs, holiday cards to name a few
17. Play some board games with your family
18. Donate what you can to a local charity, whether it’s food, toys, clothes or your time as a volunteer
19. Go see Santa, it doesn’t matter what age you are it’s always magical
20. Create a date jar of things you would like to do in 2015, with your other half
21. Treat yourself to new Christmas-y pyjamas and fluffy socks
22. Create a photo album of your favourite moments since last Christmas
23. Have a ‘switched off’ day; no social media, just real life friends and family.
24. Take a walk around your home town

Would you add anything to this list? Let me know in the comments.

Lala xx

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