Barcelona Travel Diary: January 2015


I am back; back from Barcelona and back to blogging.

My other half treated me to a trip to Barcelona for Christmas. It’s becoming quite the tradition of trips as presents. Last year we went to London, the year before was Malta (where I planned out this blog) and the year before that was Stockholm.

It’s a great way to escape and recuperate after the festive season and to satisfy my wanderlust (seriously, it’s a real condition).

Barcelona is certainly a city to bring your walking shoes to but there’s lots of cafes to stop for a rest.

Most of our exploring was done on foot. Usually we take a tour bus around the places we visit but if we had of did that we would have missed out on all the stunning places we stumbled upon.

10393999_1030000647016306_5392890320550373259_nEvery photo collection needs a proper tourist shot…

10409661_1030020150347689_1153687765197536803_n 10411027_1030001143682923_4108984961475432781_n

A bar named after me; just what the doctor ordered.


I had seen pictures of this area on Pinterest, but I couldn’t remember the name of it at all, we somehow managed to stumble across it and it’s as every bit as beautiful in real life.


These little things look amazing don’t they? Well, don’t be fooled they tasted horrible!


Spanish Streets are amazing! I love them.

10941133_1030001727016198_5578625347277408772_n 10943905_1030002050349499_5298867760103363578_n

We also went along to the Barcelona stadium (Camp Nou) and seen a ridiculous amount of trophies. It was interesting but somehow I think the other half enjoyed it more than me.

That’s my ‘yaaaay football’ face….

10418488_1030024493680588_2471098346497609781_n10013674_1030026113680426_2621935587861316591_nThe hotel we stayed in was amazing. We had use of the executive lounge where we got complimentary snacks and drinks, there was a spa which had jacuzzi bed things and a rooftop pool (I’d go back in the Summer months just for this). I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going to Barcelona. It’s close to public transport and there’s a taxi rank across the street.

There was so much more that we didn’t get to do but I quite like leaving a place ‘undone’ so there is always an excuse to come back….

We had a great trip away but now we’re left with the question of where to next? All suggestions welcome. Where has been your favourite place to travel to?

Lala xx

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