Ingredients for a Natural Smokey Eye| W7 Makeup


Is there anything more fun than trying out new makeup? Recently, I tried out some bits from W7 Makeup, a brand I had heard a little about but never got to try before. They have some great pieces at really affordable prices and quite a few dupes of higher end products .

Let’s start with the Golden Brown, Eyeshadow Palette, a selection of four shades. This was my favourite of each of the products I tried.


The eye shadows gave a good pay off but did have a little bit of fall out, so it was necessary to give under my eyes a sweep with a clean powder brush. I really liked the range of colours and felt they were a perfect on-the-go palette. The palest shade is great for highlighting the corner of the eye and also under the brow bone. They have a little bit of a shimmer to them meaning they are particularly useful when creating an evening look. I used the foam applicator for putting the shadow on to my eye and then blended with my NYX blending brush.

I liked this palette and think it is great as a starter palette or even for on the go. It is also a complete bargain at £5.95.

SAMSUNG CSC Swatches with flash.

SAMSUNG CSCSwatches without flash.

Admittedly, I am a little fearful of highlighters like this W7 Night Glow. I used the teeniest bit on my cheek bones for a very slight hint of glow. It wore well and was subtle. Although, I wasn’t won over by this and don’t think I’ll be rushing to use any liquid highlighters just yet. If you are into highlighters like this it costs £4.95. If you have any tips for a highlighter novice like me please do leave them in the comments below.


Lastly, I tried out the Absolute Lashes Mascara. The packaging and applicator instantly reminded me of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. I did notice my lashes were longer, fuller and really well separated. I didn’t get the same extreme results as the Benefit version but the W7 one is a third of the price (£6.95) of Benefit’s. I really liked the look I got with this mascara but was disappointed with the way it came off; kind of crumbled and irritated my eyes a little.


I decided to create a natural smokey eye suitable for a daytime look which you can check out below.

Overall, I liked these products and will be using them again. Have you tried any of these W7 products? What are your views? Have you any recommendations on what pieces to try next? And don’t forget to leave your liquid highlighting tips below!

W7 stcokists include…


Lala xx

*These products were sent by Aqua PR for review.

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