9 Things You Should Keep in Mind When Dressing for Your Graduation Day

After three long years I am finally finished my law degree (provided all my exams went well). It is a very strange feeling knowing that that part of my life is complete. For so long my main life goal was to get my law degree and provided all my exams went well, I have now got just that. My next goal is to now work towards becoming a qualified solicitor. In the meantime, graduation is currently on my mind. I want it to be the perfect day to celebrate my accomplishment and the first step to that is finding something suitable to wear. I’ve compiled a list of things to take in to account when choosing that perfect outfit. Click the Read More link below to read them for yourself. things to remember for graduation   1. Choose something that is classic and won’t look too dated in 20 years Chances are your family will have a framed picture of you on your graduation day displayed proudly on the wall. You don’t want to look back and think to yourself ‘what was I thinking?!’ I recommend opting for plain colours and a well fitted dress. Pick something that you feel comfortable in.

2. Bring safety pins and hair grips with you Safety pins will come in handy to secure your robe, so that it doesn’t slip down too much. Similarly, hair grips will help you attach your graduation cap so that it doesn’t fall off with a gust of wind.

3. Keep your hair and makeup simple Avoid any extravagant up-dos because your cap will probably ruin it. Choose something simple and again timeless that won’t look too dated. Keep your make-up natural and not too daring.

4. Pick an outfit with some material around the neckline You will need something to attach your robe to. This means that strapless dresses are a no no. You want your robe to sit perfectly as you walk across the stage to collect your degree certificate.

graduation quote, tips for graduation outfit

5. Don’t wear new shoes Graduation day is not a day to break in your new shoes, you don’t want sore feet as you walk up to collect your degree certificate. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your shoes as they will be the only things on display for most of the day, just make sure they are comfortable and you can walk in them!

6. Make sure your outfit is lightweight You will be wearing your robe for most of the day and you don’t want to get too warm because of all the layers.

7. Be mindful of the length of your dress It is completely up to you what length you want your dress to be but anything too short might rise up as you are sitting and may not be suitable when you are on stage. Ideally opt for something around knee length.

8. Don’t bring a bag that is too big You do not want to be lugging around a big bag throughout your day. Choose a clutch that also has a strap so that when your hands get full you can simply pop it over your shoulder.

9. Find the perfect underwear for your dress Avoid the dreaded VPL by carefully choosing your underwear before the big day. Try everything on together and ensure your underwear is seamless.

Hopefully these tips will ensure that your day goes without a hiccup. Make sure you relax and enjoy YOUR day. If you have anything else you would add please post them in the comments below.

Lala xx

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