How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer

While it’s not particularly warm today in Ireland; it is officially summer. That means there is an occasional hot day here and there and on the other days most of the country is preparing for a fortnight in Spain or similar. Either way, our hair will be susceptible to some damage by the sun.

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By now most of us are well adapted to looking after our skin in the sunshine- USE SUNSCREEN PEOPLE! But what about our hair? Last summer I experienced a burnt hairline for the first time. Believe me when I say it was so sore! I also noticed my hair got much dryer in the heat and a little more brittle too. Luckily,  I don’t dye my hair so my natural colour just lightened (yaaayyyy) but I know that heat mixed with soaking in a pool can play havoc with your hair.

So whether you live in occasionally-sunny Ireland or (almost) always-sunny California, read on for my tips to keeping your hair healthy in the sunshine.

Get a trim at the beginning of summer
Get rid of any dead ends by visiting your hairdresser at the beginning of summer. Try to maintain monthly trims to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Removing any dry and brittle ends regularly will give healthy hair a chance to continue growing.

Wear a hat or scarf. 
Covering your head will not only boost your style points but it will also minimise the damage the sun can do to your hair. Try a wide brim hat to also protect your ears and neck, reducing the health risks associated with the sun, like skin cancer.

Keep your hairstyles simple
Loose ponytails or plaits are the way forward. They’ll save you lots of time during the day and if you opt for plaits you’ll have some loose waves in the evening. Use a little salt spray to give your undone plaits some beach-like texture.

Stop using heat stylers
Put down the straighteners, curlers, hairdryer etc and start embracing your natural hair. Your hair will be fighting hard enough against the heat from the sun. Cut it a break and opt for heatless hairstyles. (If you must blow dry your hair make sure to use a nozzle and lower the heat setting).

Use heat protection
This step is not solely for summer time. You should be doing this all year round. Spritz some on your hair everyday to protect your hair against the sun and just before heat styling (if you absolutely have do ignore my advice above).

Change the way you wash your hair
Switch up your everyday shampoos and conditioners to those that contain SPF. Also avoid washing your hair too much over summer. Use dry shampoos in between washes and rinse your hair after dips in the pool to get rid of any harsh chemicals. However, it is important to keep your hair moisturised. Do this by spritzing a leave in conditioner on the ends every 2 days.

Soak your hair before going in the pool
The more you dye your hair or use other chemical treatments; the more easily it will  be damaged in the summer. If you are in and out of the pool this summer try soaking your hair in fresh water before getting in. Also comb through a leave-in conditioner (one with SPF if you can). This will create a barrier over your hair and reduce the damage caused by chlorine and heat. 

Will you be following these steps? Have you any other tips? Please share them in the comments below.

Lala xx

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