What you Need to Know about Three Different Foundation Brushes

Remember the easy days of just applying foundation with a sponge? Granted, it probably didn’t look too great but foundation life was pretty easy. Then came along the foundation revolution in the form of the flat head foundation brush. Make up went on much more smoothly than ever before.

Fast forward to now and makeup brushes are every gals best friend. We’ve got about 10 for each different part of our face. But do you really know the difference between all those foundation brushes you’ve hoarded over the years because a YouTuber told you it was their absolute fave? I came across this info graphic a little while ago from The Beauty Department and it completely changed my attitude towards foundation brushes and so I thought I’d share it with you as well as letting you know which brand of brush I use.

Stippling Brush
I bought one of these because I was intrigued by how they worked. This brush is perfect for light coverage. The brush I use isn’t great; it’s just a cheap one from Superdrug. The hairs fall out and always end up on my face.

stippling brush, how to use

Buffing Brush
This brush is my everyday foundation brush. I use the Real Techniques one and love it. It creates a medium coverage and so is perfect for everyday.

buffing brush, how to use

Foundation Brush
For nights out or when I want full coverage I opt for a flat foundation brush (you know those ones from the old days). I ‘paint’ the foundation on and after I will lightly use a buffing brush to go over it too. I use the Real Techniques or the Clinique one I picked up while in the US.

flat foundation brush, how to use

Which is your favourite foundation brush to use? Did you find this helpful?

Lala xx

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4 thoughts on “What you Need to Know about Three Different Foundation Brushes

  1. I remember always applying foundation with my fingers!
    I’ve never really liked my stippling brush, I use a foundation brush from Napoleon and then my beauty blender to buff out. How do you find the real techniques brush?

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