Review: Stix and Stones, Belfast

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend (Conrad) and I decided to celebrate my exams finishing by going out for dinner. We wanted to try somewhere different and opted for Stix and Stones, Belfast. Being huge steak lovers the restaurant looked perfect for us as it specializes in steak and seafood.

Stix and Stones, Belfast

We went on a Tuesday evening so we had no trouble getting a table (but we did call ahead just incase.) We arrived and we were immediately shown to our table. The idea of the restaurant is that you cook the meat yourself on a hot stone. Stix and stones pride themselves on sourcing only the best local food.

We were so hungry when we arrived and ordered some starters. I went for the soup of the day which was sweet potato, coconut and chilli. It was so creamy and possibly the most delicious soup I’ve ever tasted! It came along with some focaccia bread, an orange coloured, soft and light bread. Conrad went for the selection of bread. It was a large plate which meant I could steal some extra bread for my soup. Most of them were really tasty and he seemed to enjoy it.

I perused over the cocktail menu in between courses and decided to order the ‘My Chihuahua Bites’, a mixture of vodka, blueberry, raspberry, passion fruit, lemon juice and sugar. The cocktail menu at Stix and Stones is really impressive. It is clear that a lot of effort went in to choosing each of them. My cocktail arrived perfectly presented and tasted even better. It was a sweet tasting cocktail and was the perfect match for my sweet tooth.

Stix and Stones, Belfast

Onto mains and we both went for the 8oz fillet, it was so strange ordering and not following it with how you would like it cooked. All the steaks are dry aged which improves the flavour and reduces shrinkage by 10% (yay more steak to eat).

The steaks arrived on their hot stones, we could hear them before we actually seen them. The top and bottom were already sealed and we went about beginning to cook them. Admittedly I struggled a little (I was being a little impatient), but then our waiter advised us to cut the steak up and cook it in smaller pieces.

stix and stones, belfast

Luckily, I prefer my steak rare so I didn’t have to wait long until I could tuck in. I think I may have got distracted by the novelty of the hot stone and over cooked my steak a little. However it was still really tasty. I think if I were to go again I would opt to have the chef cook mine instead so that I could start eating as soon as it arrived (which I know completely defeats the purpose, but hey I already told you I’m super impatient when it comes to food).

I think Stix and Stones would work really well for big parties (especially for a slightly awkward work party) as it’s a way to get everyone chatting. It is a little expensive so it’s definitely somewhere to go as a treat. I’d definitely re-visit but I would ask that the chef cooks my steak rather that using the hot stone.

Have you ever eaten here before? Where’s your favourite place to eat both in Belfast and Northern Ireland?

Lala xx

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