11 People to Follow on Snapchat

Snapchat has quickly become one of my favourite social media outlets (is that even a phrase?). I love it because it’s raw and unedited and you can share things as you do them.


While I only use snapchat for sending snaps between friends I do love following my favourite bloggers and celebrities. It’s a chance to get a glimpse in to their everyday world. But it’s tough to find people to follow and so I thought I’d share with you who I follow and so you could maybe find some new people. It’d be great if you could let me know who you like to follow by leaving me a comment.

Shay Mitchell officialshaym
Shay plays Emily in Pretty Little Liars. I am pretty sure she’s my new girl crush! I love her! She mostly posts little videos of set life, Canadian food, her travels and her dog!

Shay Mitchell, snapchat Shay Mitchell, snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Ashley Benson benzo33
Ashley plays Hanna in PLL. (I needed my PLL fix while they were filming season 6). Ashley’s snaps are always really quick. She’s not on it as much as Shay but I love getting glimpses into the fab parties she goes to and the behind the scenes of her shoots on PLL.

Ashley Benson snapchat Ashley Benson snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Anouska Proetta Brandon anouskapb 
An Irish blogger with awesome hair! I love following Anouska for style inspiration and a peek into her crazy adventures which included a helicopter tour over Dublin recently.

anouska proetta brandon snapchat anouska proetta brandon snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Pippa O’Connor pippa.oconnor 
One of my newest follow-ees. Pippa has an insane sense of style, which is right up my street with lots of monochrome! She is a mummy and still manages to look amazing all the time.

pippa o'connor snapchat pippa o'connor snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Leanne Woodfull leannewoodfull
Leanne is also an Irish blogger. She dresses in black most of the time and has green hair; she’s pretty much the opposite of my style! But the reason I love following her is seeing her opinions on topical things. I especially loved following her while she campaigned for marriage equality in the Republic of Ireland.

Leanne Woodfull snapchat Leanne Woodfull snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Emma Hill ejstyle 
Emma is a fashion blogger and lives in London. She shares snaps of her dogs (I think there’s about 6) and her daily outfits and her most recent purchases.

emma hill snapchat emma hill snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Noor De Groot queenofjetlags
Noor is from Amsterdam and writes a blog all about her style and her travels! She shares a few snaps a day about where she is in the world and what she’s wearing.

Noor De Groot, queen of jet lags, snapcht Noor De Groot, queen of jet lags, snapcht
Photo Source: Instagram

Erika Fox retroflame1
Erika is an Irish fashion blogger and lives in New York. I am obsessed with her style and following her on snapchat gives me a sneak peek into some of her fab outfits before she blogs about them.

erika fox, retro flame, snapchat erika fox, retro flame, snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Tanya Burr tanyaburrbear 
YouTube superstar Tanya doesn’t update her snapchat a lot but when she does it’s nice to see the unedited side to her vlogs and follow her around some of the amazing events she gets to go to.

tanya burr snapchat tanya burr snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Joanne Larby themakeupfairy
I love following Joanne for fitness motivation and for some serious outfit and makeup inspiration. She also posts snippets of her new favourite songs which are always perfect for the gym.

joanne larby, make up fairy, snapchat joanne larby, make up fairy, snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

Julia Engel galmeetsglam 
Julia is one of my all time favourite bloggers. I adore her style and love to follow her on her travels. She gets to go to some amazing places including Santorini and London (just this week) and calls San Francisco her home.

julia engel, gal meets glam, snapchat julia engel, gal meets glam, snapchat julia engel, gal meets glam, snapchat
Photo Source: Instagram

So there you have it; the bloggers and celebrities I follow on Snapchat. I’d love it if you’d tell me who you like to follow on snapchat, you can leave a comment below or over on the Life of Lala Facebook page.

Lala xx

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