Review: FACEatelier Ultra Foundation

My name is Lisa and I am a foundation junkie. I hop from one foundation to the next in search of ‘the one’. Each one gives me a little of what I want. My Rimmel one is really easy to use and satisfies my inner lazy girl. I love the consistency of my L’oreal one. My Mac one lets me build up to the perfect coverage. My Clinique one lasts all day. While I love each of these individually none 0f them have been ‘the one’. But, I think I may have found a foundation that has came the closest so far.

face atelier ultra foundation review For my graduation day, I wanted to do my own makeup so I re-bought one of my favourite foundations; FACEatelier Ultra Foundation. I used this a few years ago and came across the bottle which still had a little bit left and knew it would be perfect for a really long day. I went along to my local makeup pro store; Doll Face, Cookstown with my tanned body and pale face the morning of my boyfriend’s graduation (which was the day before mine) and asked them to match me up with an Ultra Foundation from Face. I got colour 6, Honey and found it to be the perfect colour for tanned me.

About FACEatelier

FACEatelier has lots of fans including Lady Gaga, Madonna and Kelly Clarkson. This makeup is regularly used at New York Fashion Week  too. FACEatelier prides itself on being age and race neutral. FACEatelier is all about looking and feeling good all while being kind and celebrating yourself.

“We don’t believe in presenting an image of what we think you should look like. We do believe that being beautiful is all about being the best that you can be.” FACEatelier

face atelier ultra foundation review

What the Foundation Claims

  • Highly pigmented
  • Lightweight
  • Diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • No primer is needed
  • Does not require a powder to set
  • Long lasting
  • Moisture, heat and oil-resistant finish
  • No SPF

face altelier ultra foundation review What I Thought

I loved this foundation so much. I only used a little at a time and it was really easy to build up to my desired coverage. I didn’t find this foundation heavy on my skin and enjoyed wearing it. Luckily, I don’t have any wrinkles but I did find that my skin looked pretty amazing. I still used a primer and a powder when I used these. It just felt too strange not to do it and I didn’t want to take any risks on my graduation day. It lasted all day! We took some photos after dinner at about 9pm and I remember being genuinely shocked that my makeup still looked good. Honestly it looked as if it had just been done. The only thing I touched up during the day was my lipstick. I did powder my face a little during the day but it was nowhere near as many times as I usually have to. Finally, I feel this foundation photographed really well! The fact that it has no SPF means that you don’t get that white flash face. For me the best thing about this foundation is that it lasts forever (both on your face and in the bottle) and it photographs really well.

The FACEatelier Ultra Foundation costs £32 from Doll Face – House of Make Up, which you can buy through their Facebook page. The version I have is the Pro bottle aimed at makeup artists. It comes in a plastic bottle and costs a little less but is reserved for Pro card holders. The £32 version has a lot more product and comes in a much sturdier bottle.

What is your favourite foundation? Have you tried the FACEatelier Ultra Foundation yet?

Lala xx
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