10 Habits of Super Stylish People

We see them all over Instagram and Pinterest; people who just effortlessly know how to rock anything. It’s as if they were just born with the ability to know what looks good on them. Instead, it’s actually an ability that comes from picking up some good style habits along the years. And now I am going to share them with you…


1. Knowing everything (or almost everything) that is in their wardrobe.
They know exactly how many white t-shirts they already have and can say no to others that they don’t need.

2. Doing regular clear-outs.
They regularly de-clutter their wardrobes and have it extremely well organised.

habits of stylish people

3. They follow the rule of 3.
Stylish people will only buy a new item that they can wear with 3 other things currently in their wardrobe and that they can create 3 different outfits with.

4. Having a quality over quantity approach.
A stylish person does not get lured in to buying an item simply because it is a bargain. They choose pieces which wear well and will last them well.

style habits

5. Having a go-to tailor.
Stylish people never wear anything that doesn’t fit properly or flatter their body shape. They will always alter an item which does not fit properly by visiting a tailor.

6. Looking after their shoes and bags.
They will take care of their accessories no matter what they cost. Stylish people will clean their shoes and bags after every use and store them carefully.

how to be stylish

7. Having a stylist emergency kit.
They will always have a lint roller, hemming web, safety pins and other helpful gadgets at hand.

8. Taking inspiration from magazines, style blogs etc.
A truly stylish person will never copy another person’s outfit. They will simply take it as inspiration to create a look of their own.


9. Planning their outfit the night before.
Stylish people will never rush outfit planning. They’ll choose something to wear the night before.

10. Knowing their measurements not their dress size.
A stylish person will know that each clothing line has a different standard for each dress size. They’ll always check the sizing guides online and will take a couple of different sizes to the fitting rooms to try on.

So what are your style tips? What style commandments do you always follow and which ones do you break?

Lala xx
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