Lazy Girl Guide: 4 Easy Plaited Up Dos

Happy Friday! I hope you are well. I have been so tired this week and can’t wait to just chill out this weekend (it might have something to do with the fact I have been staying up late most nights watching the latest series of the Good Wife. Is anyone else a fan?). Come the morning time and I struggle to force myself to get out of bed. It’s been a case of leaving it to the very last second before I start to get ready and then I flap about in a big panic. Please tell me someone else is guilty of this?

My hair gets very little attention as it is in the morning but this week in particular I have just been putting it in a side plait and running out the door. One of my new years resolution is to make more of an effort with my hair and I think I have found four of the easiest plaited hairstyles to try when I have more than 30 seconds to do my hair. They are perfect for any of my fellow lazy girls when you want your hair to look good but don’t want to give up too much of your precious sleeping time…

The easiest one of them all… 
Part your hair in two and plait each side, fastening with a clear elastic. Take your first plait, twist it at the top and place over your head and pin in place. Do the same for the other plait.

Easy Hair Ideas for Lazy Girls

The one for the short haired ladies..
Split your hair in three sections and do a traditional plait, gently pull your plait out for a more undone look, tuck it under itself and pin in place.

Easy Hair Ideas for Lazy GirlsThe one with a French braid…
Choose either your prettiest hair band or one which is similar to you hair colour, place over your head. Plait the front section of your hair hiding the band and tuck the end under the band. Twist or plait the other section of your hair, securing by tucking under the band. Take a section of the remaining hair and loop this through the band, gradually adding more hair with each loop, until all your hair is tucked under the band.

Easy Hair Ideas for Lazy Girls

The one with the criss-cross…
Use a tail comb to part your hair in a criss-cross and plait the two sections, wrap around the back of your head and pin in place. Use your tail comb to lift up under the hair to give that Lazy Girl undone look.

Easy Hair Ideas for Lazy Girls

If you try any of these out I’d love if you tweeted me your pictures (@LifeofLalaBlog). Do you have any of your own Lazy Girl Hairstyles? Please share them with everyone in the comments below.

Have a great weekend,


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