Review: Lauren’s Way Solution 60 Tan

Aloha Guys,

For the past couple of months I have been using the solution 60 tan from Lauren’s Way. It is a mousse formula which claims to develop in jut 60 minutes. If you’ve read any of my previous tanning posts you will know I am seriously pale and rarely tan naturally.

As a result I have tried out so many fake tans! And let’s just say I have really high standards. I want a tan that is easy to apply, gives a natural and even looking colour and also wears off well. I think everyone will agree that orange patches after a tan wears off is never a good look. I feel like the tanning industry has come on in leaps in this past few years and it is now possible to have all the things I’ve just mentioned in a tan.

Lauren's Way Solution 60 Tan Review

When the Lauren’s Way bag arrived for me from the fab ladies at CMPR, I was so excited! I had heard really amazing things about the spray tan formula and hoped the Solution 60 Mousse would be just as good. Initially, the first few times I wasn’t overly impressed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t disappointed either. I was happy to use it but it just didn’t get me very excited. The guide colour always turned out really beautiful but as soon as I washed it off the next day it turned to a very light tint of tan. Still a welcome change, but a little disheartening after I had spent time applying it.

That all changed about six weeks ago when I decided to give the Lauren’s Way Solution 60 another whirl because I had no free time to get a spray tan. I decided I would prepare for applying the Lauren’s Way tan in the same way I would prepare for a spray tan. I kept my skin in tip top condition by exfoliating and moisturising regularly. I applied the tan on the Thursday night and went to bed in my cosiest pyjamas. (Does anyone else believe wearing fluffy pyjamas makes the colour develop better?) The mousse consistency of this tan means it is really easily to apply. As I said above, it has a beautiful guide colour so you don’t have to worry about missing any parts. I know it says it only needs to stay on for 60 minutes but I kept it on for about 8 hours like a regular tan.

My extra prep paid off and this time I was very impressed by the result! The colour that developed was much deeper than before but still very natural and perfect for my pale skin. It was really even all over (even on my back, which I did myself!). The colour lasted me about 4 days before it started to wear off. When it did begin to wear off, it wore off very well. It didn’t go patchy just got a little lighter and that was even with me not moisturising daily. (The photo below shows the guide colour on the left leg.)

Lauren's Way Tan Before and After Guide Colour

For me, this is not a tan I can slap on and forget about. It certainly takes a little effort to get my desired depth of tan. I am glad I persisted though and have ended up really liking it. If you’ve tried this tan, I would love to know your opinions on it.  (This tan costs £19.95 and can be bought on the Lauren’s Way website in case you want to try it for yourself.)

Also, I really want to try out the Lauren’s Way spray tan next. Does anyone know of anywhere in Belfast that offers it? Please feel free to leave a comment below with any opinions or suggestions.

Lauren's Way Solution 60 Tan Review

Speak soon,
Lisa xx



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