30 Fun Date Ideas to do in Northern Ireland

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It wouldn’t be almost Valentines without a dating/love/relationship inspired blog post. However unlike the traditional gift guide posts I’m not here to tell you what to buy for your other half. Instead, I am here giving you 30 ideas for a fun date with that someone special. These can all be done with your other half or your best friends. So grab that lucky person and get out and have a giggle together. I’ve added my suggestions on where to do some of them if you are in Northern Ireland. If you’ve any other suggestions make sure to add them to the comments section. Enjoy…

30 Fun Date Ideas

1. The best dates involve food so why not go out for dinner at a restaurant. If you fancy something that little extra special why not try the Viscounts in Dungannon or James Street South Bar and Grill in Belfast.

2. If you don’t fancy heading out why not cook dinner together.

3. You could go to the cinema to see a movie.

4. Head to the theatre and catch a playThe Grand Opera House or the MAC in Belfast put on some amazing productions.

5. Head out to Dundonald and go Ice Skating and try your best not to fall over.

6. Try out some bowling at Lisburn Bowl.

7. Get outside and go on a long walk or a hike. There are lots of ideas on Walk NI.

8. Keeping with the theme of exercise why not visit the We Are Vertigo Trampoline Park and let out your inner child.

9. We have some amazing scenery in Ireland so why not take some of it in with a long drive.

10. If you are lucky enough to catch a rare sunny day why not have a picnic outdoors or indoors if the weather isn’t on your side.

11. Did I mention food dates are the best? It doesn’t have to be dinner or lunch you can even head out for dessert.

12. Take a bike ride. If you don’t have your own bike you could always take one of the Belfast Bikes for a spin.

13. Release your inner tourists and explore a new town or area.

14. Explore a food market. The St George’s Market in Belfast is a great place to start.

15. Have a movie or Netflix night with your favourite shows and snacks.

16. Take some time to relax with a hotel break. I really want to visit the Galgorm Resort and Spa on the outskirts of Ballymena.

17. Explore a museum. There are lots to choose from in Northern Ireland. You can see the upcoming exhibitions on National Museums NI.

18. Recreate your first or favourite date.

19. Grab some hot chocolate together. Jenz on the Lisburn Road in Belfast do an amazing hot chocolate.

20. Visit the animals at Belfast Zoo.

21. Go out for Breakfast. Personally, I can never get my other half up in time for this one but you can always do brunch.

22. Crazy golf is a lot of fun. There is a crazy golf course in Dundonald beside the ice rink so you could do both.

23. Go to an arcade and battle it out on the old school games.

24. Go to the funfair together. Barry’s in Portrush is the perfect place for some thrill seeking.

25. Spend the day at the beach. Of course this is weather dependent but if you get a nice day then head up to the North Coast.

26. Play a sport together.  You could try some tennis and let your competitive side out.

27. We Are Vertigo also have some indoor skiing slopes and would be great for a fun date.

28. Have an adventure day at the Jungle NI. Nothing will strengthen your relationship more than rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball together.

29. Bake some treats together. The best past is you’ll get to eat them after.

30. And if none of the above appeals to you, you could spend the evening making a date night jar just for you two.

I hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration for your next date. Have a lovely Valentines day whatever you get up to and remember to enjoy your time and don’t pressure yourselves into going on a date just because it’s Valentines day.

Speak soon,

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Photo Credit: HubPages


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