Beauty Hacks: 10 Alternative Uses for your Favourite Products

Aloha lovelies,

How are you all? I thought I’d share some of my favourite beauty hacks with you today. Not just your typical beauty hacks though. My hacks are for those moments when you’ve ran out of a product or forgotten it. You know that moment when you’re doing your make up and then realise you’ve forgotten your liquid eye liner, or when you’re painting your nails only to realise that you’ve no nail polish remover left? I’ve got some hacks to tell you about that will make these moments a thing of the past…

Life of Lala: Beauty Hacks

The Problem: You want to use the one eye shadow brush for both a dark and light eye shadow.
The Hack: Use Micellar water to spot clean your brushes. I am a huge fan of Micellar water, my favourite is the l’Oreal one. It removes make up so easily both on your face and on your brushes.

The Problem: You’ve messed up your nail but have no nail polish remover to get rid of the mess.
The Hack: Use clear nail polish instead of nail polish remover. Simply paint a layer of the clear polish over the polish you want to remove and while it is still wait wipe the polish off. This will remove both the clear polish and the colour underneath.

The Problem: You forgot to pack your liquid liner and the eye look you were going for just won’t do without a little cat flick.

 The Hack: Take an eyeliner brush and dab this into some of the product off your mascara wand and line your eyes as usual.

The Problem: You are in the shower ready to shave your legs but your shaving foam runs out mid shower.
The Hack: Use hair conditioner instead. It will do exactly the same job as shaving foam just make sure it’s not your expensive conditioner you are using!

The Problem: You are running late for work, your hair is looking a little greasy but you’ve no dry shampoo left.
The Hack: Sprinkle some loose setting powder in your roots and it will absorb any excess oils.

The Problem: You need to be out the door in 10 minutes but can’t find your powder blush anywhere.
The Hack: Dab a little lipstick on to your fingers and apply as blush.

The Problem: In a bid to pack light you didn’t take any eye shadow with you on your weekend away but want to add a little warmth to your eyes.
The Hack: Apply a little bronzer as to the crease of your eye with a blending brush.

The Problem: You tried to get on the cooking with coconut oil bandwagon but just can’t stand the taste.
The Hack: Use coconut oil to moisturise your skin! It is amazing for moisturising your skin and it won’t go to waste now.

The Problem: You had an impromptu sleep over at your boyfriends house but forgot to take some eye make up remover with you.
The Hack: If your like me you’ll have a little tin of Vaseline in your handbag. Use this to remove your eye make up. Simply apply a little over the eye area and wipe of with some cotton pads or tissues.

The Problem: You want to line your waterline but you’ve lost every single pencil eye liner you’ve ever bought.
The Hack: Use eye shadow to line your water line. Take a slanted brush and some eye shadow, ensuring you’ve tapped off the excess and line your eye with this. I actually prefer this method; it lasts much longer!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful. I would love it if you could share some of your beauty hacks in the comments below.

Speak soon,


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