My Top 3 Lunch Spots in Belfast City Centre

Anyone who knows me knows food is always on my mind! While I wouldn’t say I am the next Masterchef or anything like that, I do love finding new restaurants and eating out (and just eating in general). However, Belfast has always overwhelmed me with the amount of places to eat out in. Since I started working in the City Centre, I have had the chance to try out lots of different places and tried some superb (and a few not so good) restaurants. Focusing on the good, I thought we could chat through three of my favourites and you guys can let me know what your top spots are…

Deane’s Deli
I get excited just thinking about this place. It’s the inspiration behind this post. If your from Northern Ireland you may already have heard of Michael Deane; he’s one of Ireland’s top chefs and has 6 restaurants in the City. Deane’s Deli specialises in light bites which are perfect for lunch time. The restaurant itself is very relaxed yet the waiting staff are very attentive and eager to help. When I visited I had the chicken and bacon sandwich priced at £9.50. I was really hungry that day and wanted something with bread but I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth a sandwich could cost £10! As soon as I tucked in to it I quickly realised I’d be willing to pay even more than that. It was the most delicious lunch I have ever had in my entire life. I know that’s a pretty big statement to make but it’s true! The chicken and bacon were cooked to absolute perfection and the bread that it came with was amazing! It also came out perfectly presented (although it was only about 30 seconds until I changed that). Deane’s Deli is top of the list for me and I’d highly recommend you give it a visit at least once.
Check out the Deane’s Deli Lunch Menu here.

Deanes Deli Bistro, Places for lunch in Belfast

Robinson and Cleaver
If you want great food and an even better view then Robinson and Cleaver is the lunch spot for you. The restaurant overlooks city hall and has a terrace to sit out on over the warmer months. The restaurant itself is on the top floor or you can sit downstairs for a coffee and a tray bake. The upstairs has huge windows which give you those gorgeous views out over Belfast but also let lots of light in. When I visited I had the lasagne which came served with garlic bread and coleslaw (priced at £10). Although, when it first arrived at my table I was disappointed with the portion size. It seemed a little small for me. Turns out it was just perfect for lunch time and I felt full up but didn’t feel like I had over indulged. If it had of been larger I certainly would have ate it all because it was yummy.
Check out the Robinson and Cleaver Lunch Menu here.

Robinson and Cleaver, best places for lunch Belfast

City Picnic
If you want somewhere quick and cheap but still delicious then you need to check out City Picnic. They claim to be the best burgers in Belfast, a pretty big claim if you ask me but City Picnic completely lives up to it! The restaurant is brightly coloured, very relaxed and has actual picnic tables inside. There’s no fancy plates in this place just some retro metal trays giving that street food feel. They do both beef and chicken burgers and also have a couple of veggie options. Monday to Friday between 12pm and 3pm you can get a chicken burger along with a (massive) side of fries for only £6, an absolute bargain for Lunch prices in Belfast. That’s what I got when I visited and it was very tasty!
Check out the City Picnic Menu here.

City Picnic Belfast, Cheap Food in Belfast

OK, I need to go and make myself a snack after writing this post. Thinking about these places has got my mouth watering.Have you ever eaten in these places? Where are your favourite places to eat out in Belfast? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Speak soon,


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