How to Deal with the April Showers in Belfast | Story Horse

Story Horse

We recently had a conversation at work about how in Ireland we haven’t really adapted to the weather. You know how in extremely cold countries the people who live there have adapted to their conditions; the shops sell really warm, waterproof clothes, specialised footwear and so on. In Ireland, we know rain is always a possibility yet when it arrives we always find ourselves complaining about it’s presence, the fact our ballet flats are soaked and we are often seen fighting to keep a flimsy umbrella from turning inside out.

Perhaps, it’s different in Ireland because of the constantly changing weather. In one day we could have a morning of summer sunshine, then an afternoon of snow and then to finish it off an evening of some very strong winds. I think another reason is that we really don’t have much choice when it comes to practical but pretty pieces. It’s hard to dress appropriately when we don’t have much choice.

In October, I was introduced to a company called Story Horse who are resolving that predicament. They are a Belfast based company who offer beautifully designed, great quality items perfect for those rainy days. For the past six months I have been using their Sea Bird Walking Umbrella (which was gifted to me at their press event). It has been a god send when the rain is lashing down in true Irish style. It’s cute design means I am more than happy to use it and it adds a little bit of brightness to an otherwise gloomy day. Only once have I had to put it down because of the wind and it’s not because I was worried it would blow inside out. It was because the wind and the brolly were that strong that the umbrella would catch the wind and pull me along. Think Mary Poppins style without the singing though…

Story Horse Strong Umbrella

It’s not just umbrellas that Story Horse have to offer they also have wellie boots like these Rule The Waves Wellington Boots. Perfect if you want to splash in some puddles on your way to work or just try to keep your feet dry…


Story Horse Wellie Boots

They also have a range of toiletries including this Cold Hands Warm Heart Hand Cream. Necessary when the wind and rain have taken it’s toll on your hands…

Story Horse Cold Hands Warm Heart

And they have this Twist and Turn Light Grey Throw  and matching Twist and Turn Teal Hot Water Bottle Cover to help you warm up again if you do happen to get soaked.

Story Horse Blanket

Hope these ideas help you deal with the rain. Now, it is possible to stay dry with pretty accessories thanks to Story Horse.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of their products and what you think of them.

Speak soon,


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