How to Remove Fake Tan

How To Remove Fake Tan Safely

Over the years I have had my fair share of fake tan mistakes. The kind of mistakes where the only thing you can do is take it all off and start again. Ah, if only it were that easy. As any fake tan fan will attest to, the stuff is pretty hard to get off. A friend recently told me that she once used bleach to remove tan on her hands that had gone terribly wrong. Yes, the same bleach that you clean a bathroom with! No matter the situation ladies please don’t ever put anything harsh on your skin, it is just not worth the damage.

I have learnt by a process of trial and error the tricks which help get tan off the best and safest. These tips are helpful if you do completely mess up your tan but also to get rid of any stubborn left over tan before you apply a fresh layer.

How to Remove Fake Tan

Take a Bath
Soak in a hot bath for as long as possible in order to loosen the tan. After your bath take an old dry towel and rub at the areas of tan that are remaining. For me, this is usually around my knees, ankles, elbows and where my chest meets my shoulder. The towel will act as a gentle exfoliator and will lift any remaining tan off your skin.

Go for a Swim
Swimming in chlorinated water will also break down any remaining fake tan. Take a pair of exfoliating gloves with you so you can use them during your shower afterwards.

Visit a Steam Room
Steam is also great for breaking down tan. If you’re local swimming pool also has a steam room you could visit the steam room after your swim to help further soften the the tan.

Use a Body Scrub
In my previous tips I mentioned exfoliation and that is not by coincidence. Exfoliation is great way to remove any dead skin cells and in turn fake tan. I am a huge fan of the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff.  It is strong enough to lift away any stubborn old tan but doesn’t leave your skin irritated in anyway. Instead, it is left feeling very smooth. If you’re tan is particularly stubborn you can use the scrub on dry skin for a deeper exfoliation.

Cover yourself in Baby Oil
Oil breaks down tan and is best avoided if you want to prolong the life of your tan. If you want to get rid of any stubborn tan I recommend using Johnson’s Baby Oil. Apply this all over your skin before heading to bed. Not only will it break down your tan but it’ll also leave your skin feeling amazing. Make sure your hair is tied up out of the way to avoid getting oil in it.

I hope my tips have helped you. If you have any others please let me know.

Speak soon,
Lisa xx


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