30 Fun Date Ideas to do in Northern Ireland

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It wouldn’t be almost Valentines without a dating/love/relationship inspired blog post. However unlike the traditional gift guide posts I’m not here to tell you what to buy for your other half. Instead, I am here giving you 30 ideas for a fun date with that someone special. These can all be done with your other half or your best friends. So grab that lucky person and get out and have a giggle together. I’ve added my suggestions on where to do some of them if you are in Northern Ireland. If you’ve any other suggestions make sure to add them to the comments section. Enjoy…

30 Fun Date Ideas

1. The best dates involve food so why not go out for dinner at a restaurant. If you fancy something that little extra special why not try the Viscounts in Dungannon or James Street South Bar and Grill in Belfast.

2. If you don’t fancy heading out why not cook dinner together.

3. You could go to the cinema to see a movie.

4. Head to the theatre and catch a playThe Grand Opera House or the MAC in Belfast put on some amazing productions.

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20 Dresses to Wear as a Wedding Guest

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I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday. I’ve noticed that one of my all time most viewed posts was the 20 Outfits to Wear as a Wedding Guest. It still continues to get views almost every day, but it’s a little outdated and a lot of the outfits are no longer in stock. I thought you might enjoy an updated version with outfits which you have the option to buy instantly. I find that weddings are the perfect opportunity to embrace your girlie side and so I focused this time with all dresses from the high street. The most expensive dress on the list is £110. Enjoy…

I thought I’d start with my favourite of the 20. I adore the colour of this dress, not to mention the stunning detail around the waistline. I am heading to London this weekend and might just order it for heading out to dinner…

Dresses to Wear as a Wedding Guest | Life of Lala
Little Mistress £54

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Career: 8 Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

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Last week I tested the water with my very first career related post and you seemed to love it; it was my most viewed post of the week! The truth is, I have a huge interest in all things career related, so much so that my friend recently dubbed me a ‘CV Queen’. Following that major compliment, I thought I would start sharing my tips and advice with you guys too. A lot of people that I know are recent graduates and are beginning to launch themselves in to their first graduate job, so I hope that these posts can help any of you in a similar position or wanting to progress in your current career.

Questions to ask at the End of an Interview

I have only ever had one job interview where I wasn’t asked at the end of it, if I had any questions. Employers are keen to see what level of interest you have in their advertised role by asking you if you have some questions. It is of course a great opportunity for you to find out some more about the role too and ensure it is a good fit for you.

With that in mind, here are some top tips to consider when thinking of a question to ask:

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Review: Lauren’s Way Solution 60 Tan

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For the past couple of months I have been using the solution 60 tan from Lauren’s Way. It is a mousse formula which claims to develop in jut 60 minutes. If you’ve read any of my previous tanning posts you will know I am seriously pale and rarely tan naturally.

As a result I have tried out so many fake tans! And let’s just say I have really high standards. I want a tan that is easy to apply, gives a natural and even looking colour and also wears off well. I think everyone will agree that orange patches after a tan wears off is never a good look. I feel like the tanning industry has come on in leaps in this past few years and it is now possible to have all the things I’ve just mentioned in a tan.

Lauren's Way Solution 60 Tan Review

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Lazy Girl Guide: 4 Easy Plaited Up Dos

Happy Friday! I hope you are well. I have been so tired this week and can’t wait to just chill out this weekend (it might have something to do with the fact I have been staying up late most nights watching the latest series of the Good Wife. Is anyone else a fan?). Come the morning time and I struggle to force myself to get out of bed. It’s been a case of leaving it to the very last second before I start to get ready and then I flap about in a big panic. Please tell me someone else is guilty of this?

My hair gets very little attention as it is in the morning but this week in particular I have just been putting it in a side plait and running out the door. One of my new years resolution is to make more of an effort with my hair and I think I have found four of the easiest plaited hairstyles to try when I have more than 30 seconds to do my hair. They are perfect for any of my fellow lazy girls when you want your hair to look good but don’t want to give up too much of your precious sleeping time…

The easiest one of them all… 
Part your hair in two and plait each side, fastening with a clear elastic. Take your first plait, twist it at the top and place over your head and pin in place. Do the same for the other plait.

Easy Hair Ideas for Lazy Girls

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Want to Spend the Summer in the US? Everything You Need to Know

I spent summer 2014 in San Francisco (SF) on a J1 visa. I fell head over heels in love with SF. The weather was perfect, the people were great and there was so much to do. However, when I came to booking it, I couldn’t find very little information out there on people who had done it before and any tips for first timers. Luckily I had a friend at work who had been on a J1 before and she got tortured with all my millions of questions! It’s a scary idea; spending a summer in a different country but 100% worth it!!! So I thought, I would put together my own guide for anyone doing it this year (I swear I am not jealous at all).

San Francisco Beach | Life of Lala


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Career: 16 Actually Wearable Work Wear Ideas

Aloha Guys,

How are you all? It’s been a while hasn’t it… My last post on here I mentioned how tough I was finding blogging and working full time. Back then I was commuting to and from work in Belfast. It’s the first time in my life that I have had a Monday to Friday job and I’ll be the first to admit that I am only now adjusting to it (after six months in). I am now living in a wonderful house in Belfast. I got ridiculously lucky and could not be happier with it. I am sharing with two fabulous girls and the decor is absolutely beautiful. Oh and the best thing; I have a little extra time on my hands that I am going to use to do some blogging.

Workwear Ideas: Black Skirt, Grey Sweater| Life of Lala | https://lifeoflala.wordpress.com/

For me (and I know a few people who will agree with me on this), one of the most daunting parts to starting my first graduate job was figuring out what to wear to work. Workwear can be scary territory; you want to feel smart, glamorous and powerful all at the same time. I am lucky in my job that I have some freedom with what I can wear as we have a casual dress code. There are day’s that I wear jeans and flats and other’s when I like to dress a little smarter. I thought I would share some of my favourite workwear style inspirations with you all just in case you are stuck on what to wear to work. When it comes to choosing your workwear pieces, my top tip is to find well fitted interchangeable pieces that will last a long time. It’s important to feel comfortable too. Let me know which of the looks is your favourite and what your top tips are?

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