Lazy Girl Guide: 12 Everyday Outfit Ideas with Minimal Effort

It’s early in the morning, you’ve got uni in an hour, it’s cold and you’re wrapped up in bed and you just don’t want to get up.

We’ve all been there. Hitting the snooze button one too many times, leaving ourselves very little time to get ready and then panicking on what to wear.

Oh it’s tough being a Lazy Girl. Never fear, there are some items you can add to your wardrobe to create the perfect interchange-able, stylish , I-didn’t-even-make-any-effort outfits (scroll down to see what they are).

For now, here are some outfits to inspire you how to put them all together.

The key is to put together a few basic items and include a standout item. This could be some fancy shoes, a pretty bag or just a big oversized scarf.












So are you guilty of panic-dressing when you’ve over slept? I hope these outfits have give you some inspiration. Now, it’s time to dig out your basic items or invest in some more. Make sure you have them hanging together in your wardrobe for some extra quick getting-ready time.

Lazy Girl’s Basic Must Haves:

  1. Leather Trousers- Seriously, these make any outfit 100x more stylish.
  2. Grey T-shirt– Grey is one of those colours that go with everything.
  3. Denim Shirt– It’s always a winner and looks great teamed with leather.
  4. Jeans– Dig out your favourite pair, whether it’s your skinnies or boyfriends.
  5. Coat– Well, it is freezing! I really like the oversized, blazer styles.
  6. Scarf– Tartan is a huge trend this season and will add a little twist to your lazy outfit.
  7. A Wooly Jumper– Extra style points if you match your jumper to your coat.
  8. Shoes– Trainers, boots or flats; it’s your choice.

What do you like to wear on an everyday basis? What’s you absolute wardrobe must-have? Let me know in the comments or tweet me on @LifeofLalaBlog.

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Lala xx

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